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Sometimes schools can feel lonely. What do you think “William Carey” could do to help students feel more a part of the school community?

 What could we do better in pastoral care?


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  1. james marshall says:


    You can’t stop bullying. You can help it. Why do people bully? Do people do it to make them look big, or to make them feel better about them self? Most people bully because they have been bullied or they are getting bullied.

    When people bully they make the victim feel worthless. The victim can also be hated just for being themselves. They can end up getting depressed and anxious. The victim might feel like they’re a no body- they’re people too! The victim can get into drug use to make them feel better. They might not go to school to avoid getting bullied, or even think about ending their life.
    People also bully other people over the internet for example, on Face book. I don’t see how people can kill them self over cyber bullying. They should just get off Face book.
    We should all help each other in trying to stop bullying. If you see someone getting bullied, stand up for them; don’t let someone get bullied!

  2. riccardo puntillo says:

    Bullying will never be defeated. 83% of bullying is verbal and name calling. That sort of bullying has the biggest affect on most people these days. The bullies that do the bullying have their own issues -probably not at school – but at home. They may be sexually abused or physically abused.
    Bulling happens every day where ever you go. A cause of bullying could be someone’s appearance, nationality or even the way they speak or do everyday things.
    A way to try and prevent bullying from happening is to stand up for someone who is being bullied. You could talk to them and be their friend and invite them to things you do with your mates.
    There are three types of bullying. Cyber bullying is when bullying is taking place over the internet .Verbal bullying is a type of bullying people experience by talking to a person with hatred and name calling. Physical bullying is another type of bullying when someone has physical contact with someone else.
    Another reason someone would bully another person is because they want to have power over the person and they want to feel in control over someone else.
    My opinion of bullying is that it is stupid! People should be working together not against each other.

  3. zac gobbo says:

    What would make a person bully someone else?
    There could be lots of reasons: the person who is bullying others might be depressed himself. This could, therefore, result in bullying others to feel good about himself. He might try and impress other friends that do the same thing. Or, it may be the fact that some people don’t like seeing others having fun and being happy with friends. They know that they can’t be like that and so they get jealous and try to wreck it for others. Bullying may be a result of being ignored and people don’t know you’re there. This may also lead to depression. The person could retaliate in cyber bullying others and this can end up with the police getting involved.
    If you are being cyber bullied or if you know someone who has been, then one way to fix the problem would be to block them. If they’re still bugging you then don’t be afraid to open up and tell someone about it. Don’t put up with it!

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