This Week in Science 6/4/14 + top videos of the week!

Water freezing/boiling:
Moonwalking fly:
Hubble Deep Field:
Cochlear implant:
Hallucinations:WARNING: Please use your discretion when viewing. If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, please do not view this video.

Dark matter:
Dwarf planets:
Gene editing:
Spinal cord:

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This Week in Science 09/02/14

This week in science!

Bionic arm:
Black death:
Fossil site:

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This Week in Science 24th of June

• Antimatter gun here:
• Severed spinal cord repairs here:
• Ancient horse genome record here:
• Robotic-chimpanzee here:
• NIH retiring chimps here:
• NASA launched IRIS here:
• Body-heat flashlight here:
• 500+ million yr. old creature here:
• Clinical iPS stem-cell trial here:
• Cloned mouse from blood-drop here:
• PayPal Galactic launch here:
• New pulsating star type here:

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This week in Science (16/6/13)

This Week In Science

Gene therapy:
Multiple Sclerosis:
New layer of the cornea:
Bioengineered vein:
Dark matter:
Gene patents:

Please bear in mind that these are all simply headlines. Please READ the articles linked above before commenting on any of these stories, as a one sentence summary does not present all the facts.

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