Science Club 2014!

Applications are now open to join the 2014 science club at WCCS. This club is open to year 7 and 8 students who are interested in getting some more hands on experience with science. In this group we will spend most of our time conducting experiments in areas of interest for students. The club will meet once a fortnight after school on a Wednesday from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Students will need to be picked up from school at this time.

Throughout the year we may consider running a few additional or extended events (e.g. an astronomy viewing night or presenting a science show to primary). We’ll also be contributing to the science blog posts of our activities including photos of our experiments for parents, friends and students to view and comment on.

Some areas that could be explored throughout the year are:

  •  Environmental Science (movement of the earth’s crust; volcanoes; effects of atmospheric pressure)
  • Biology (dissections; DNA examination)
  • Chemistry (Crystal formation; forensics; chemical based colour changes)
  • Physics (nature of soundwaves; explosives; forces and energy)

Over term 4 students have the option to be supported in completing their own science investigation as part of the CSIRO CREST award.

See Mr Jackson for more information and an entry form (or click here)

How clean is your school?

At the moment in year 10 we’re doing an investigation into disease and exploring the idea that bacteria (and fungus) is all around us every day but only some of them are harmful to us. Most bacteria and fungus play vital roles in maintaining various ecosystems (helping to decompose and break down material back to their basic building blocks etc) and some types of bacteria are vital for our own health (particularly in the digestive system). Bacteria and fungus grow best in warm, moist, dark conditions where nutrients are plentiful – unfortunately this describes the insides of our bodies (and some outside parts) very well so some bacteria grows rapidly in our bodies taking over and damaging our own cells, this is what makes us sick.

Did you know that a typical human body contains more bacteria cells than human cells… check out this link for more info on that disturbing report!

Check out the different colonies that 10B grew from the various surfaces at school..


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Year 8 Forensic Science Camp

The 2013 Talented Students’ Forensic Science Camp is being held at Armidale school from April 16-20 and is one of the nation’s pre-eminent extension programs for Year 8 students. It offers challenging and hands-on experiences of scientific problem solving and a chance to work with talented students from all over Australia.

As compelling as CSI, NCIS, as challenging as The Mentalist and addictive as Law & Order, the camp brings the intrigue of crime solving to the fingertips of young Australians. No one can resist a ‘whodunit’ and that is what this Forensic Science Camp is all about. It’s fast and exciting with total immersion in the scientific and problem-solving process.

The camp is a five-day residential experience and was first run in 1994. It has since been featured in the ABC TV science program, Quantum. Last year, over 100 boys and girls, a mix of city and country students from both government and non-government schools, were selected from a large number of applicants from NSW, the ACT, Queensland and Victoria to participate in the camp.

For more information about this camp and the application process visit their website and contact Mr R Jackson to obtain an information pack.


Year 11 2013 Subject Selection

Our current Year 10 students are selecting subjects for their senior studies in 2013 – 2014. This is often a daunting task.
Below is a link to a University of Sydney resource that provides information concerning a range of science related careers, including plausible employers and salary ranges.
This is not meant as a specific endorsement of the University of Sydney, rather providing access to a helpful resource.

Remember to chat with your Science teacher if you have any questions about Science subject selection.

Science Club 2012!

Applications are now open to join the 2012 science club at WCCS. This club is open to year 7 and 8 students who are interested in getting some more hands on experience with science. We meet together once a fortnight after school for an hour of investigations involving experiments and demonstrations that high school students typically don’t get to see.

All students in years 7 and 8 should receive an email with application forms and more details. Get your application into Mr Jackson today as members will be selected on Monday week 3!