Solar Eclipse! 29/4/14

Tuesday afternoon around 4pm there will be a partial solar eclipse above Sydney (roughly 50%). From Antarctica an annular solar eclipse will be visible (i.e. all of the sun is covered except for a small outer ring – so called a ‘ring of fire’).

As always – please don’t look directly at the sun, even during the eclipse! The sun will only be 50% covered and that other 50% is enough to damage your eyes if you look at it directly.

Instead, watch the live stream here:

I’ll update this post with images/footage of the event after it occurs so if you miss it live you can still see it 🙂


If you want to watch it yourself live the best way is to use a ‘pinhole’ camera. You will need two pieces of paper. Put a pinhole in the first one and hold it up high towards the sun. Put the second piece of paper in the shadow of the first piece of paper. You watch the shadow – you will see an image of the sun (from the light that goes through the pinhole) and there can watch the sun slowly get eclipsed! You may need to adjust the distance between the pieces of paper to focus the light properly. Like this:

Image Credit:Eugene Kim

With thanks to ScienceAlert and Science is Awesome facebook groups for the links and reminder!




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