Cross Country Carnival 2015

We had a fantastic sunny day for this year’s Cross Country Carnival! A special thank you to all the parents that came to support their children (even though you may have beaten the teachers in the tug-of-war event).

Congratulations to all the students who participated and thanks to our Year 9 High School students who helped out with marshaling, especially Mitchell C, who ran every single race to help guide the Primary students around the course.

The results of the carnival will be announced during tomorrow morning’s assembly.  IMG_2395 (Small)IMG_2388 (Small)IMG_2515 (Small)IMG_2653 (Small)IMG_2520 (Small)IMG_2442 (Small)    IMG_2519 (Small)IMG_2612 (Small)IMG_2466 (Small)

Primary Cross Country Carnival, 2015

The Year 2 to Year 6 Cross Country Carnival is on Wednesday 6th May. So get those sneakers on and get training!

The carnival will be held on WCCS grounds. Students are to wear their sports uniform or house colours.

The top four boy and girl runners to complete the track in each age group will represent WCCS at the CSSA Cross Country Carnival. Please note that the 7yrs, 8yrs and 9yrs run in one event at the state level.

Asthmatics are encouraged to bring their asthma inhaler medication to their event, and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen.

Term 2 Important Dates

Term 2 Important Dates
Primary have some exciting events coming up during Term 2

Primary CSSA Girls Soccer Gala Day – Monday 05/05
WCCS Cross Country – Wednesday 07/05
Primary Multi Sport MC Day – Wednesday 21/05
AFL Funday – Thursday 22nd May 2014
Primary CSSA Cross Country – Friday 30/05
Primary CIS Rugby Union Trials – Monday 02/06
Primary CIS Cross Country Carnival – Thursday 12/06
WCCS Athletics Carnival – Monday 16/06

CIS Cross Country


This year WCCS only had two athletes that made it to this high level of competition. At CIS the competition is against the best athletes from NSW who attend Christian or Independent schools.

Cameron and Franco represented CSSA and your school, WCCS, proudly.

The track was very different to the last level. It was a mix of mud, gravel and road. This meant that it was slippery and required skill, agility and stamina to be competitive. Most of the athletes came through the finish line with mud stained clothes or injuries or stories of near misses. This made for an exciting day of racing.

Our boys did very well and a huge congratulations to Cameron for medaling and making it through to the all schools competition, PSSA!

CSSA Cross Country

The CSSA State Cross Country was held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre Friday 31 May 2013.  It started out a cool and foggy day.

2013-05-31 08.47.18


As the athletes walked the track, some were relaxed, while others were full of nervous energy.  No matter how they were feeling all the students were excited to be there and eager to get the day under way.  We had lots of fun looking at all the obstacles on the cross country track.

2013-05-31 08.47.33


After walking the track that would become their battle field, the athletes started to get ready for their races.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 8.09.37 AM


All the athletes had an excellent day.  There were a few outstanding efforts, with Franco S and Cameron S coming in the top 10 of their races and therefore moving through to the CIS Cross Country in a couple of weeks.

Here are a few photos of some of our students during the events.

2013-05-31 11.24.112013-05-31 09.41.38 2013-05-31 09.23.38

2013-05-31 09.48.40 2013-05-31 09.37.29 2013-05-31 09.36.37 2013-05-31 11.39.38 2013-05-31 10.07.02


Congratulations to all the athletes; you worked hard, doing yourselves and your school proud!

WCCS Cross Country 2013

 Primary Cross Country 2013 

Primary Cross Country 2013 was an outstanding celebration of students’ gifts and talents of running and game play.  There was more than just running with Mrs Rivers and her band of merry men (and women) having all sorts of fun with the House Teams.

Tug o War, Quoits, Sack Races, Water pistols and Relay races …. all were great fun.

Congratulations to all students who participated and we look forward to the CSSA State on the 31st May




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