Winter IPSSO Finals Wrap up 2014


WCCS Netball, Softball, Modified Volleyball and Soccer all competed in the Winter IPSSO finals on Wednesday.  All of our teams did very well, playing some excellent games in the semi finals.

In the netball, both Jr and Snr, and in the Soccer Jr games, overtime was required to come up with a result for the finals.  For both Jr and Snr modified volleyball the 3 sets were required to separate the teams.  The semi finals for all teams were hard fought with the majority of them getting through into the finals.

The final results were a huge win for the SNR SOFTBALL TEAM. The rest of our teams who played the finals were beaten by the opposition this year, but the games were very good. Well done to all the players of the Winter competition, I a really glad that we were able to have such a beautiful day to finish off the season.

Thanks to all the coaches, the commitment to your teams means so much and without you, there would not be the opportunity to play and definitely make it as far as WCCS did this year.

Let’s hope that the Summer IPSSO Competition goes as well as this season.


IPSSO Soccer Finals BBQ Lunch

Hi All,

Just letting you know that LIVERPOOL OLYMPIC FOOTBALL CLUB have generously organised the line marking of the fields for our IPSSO Soccer matches tomorrow.

They are also organising the nets, corner flags, amenities and canteen.

The groundsman has volunteered to cook a sausage sizzle as well, so the boys have hot food.

Please support the club at the BBQ and canteen.

They are doing an amazing job when we only approached them on Friday afternoon to get this organised for us.

See you tomorrow,

IPSSO Finals Change of Venues

Dear Parents and Students,

Just a quick post to remind you that the IPSSO Finals will be going ahead this Wednesday.  Please note that the Venues have changed and the times have been modified slightly. Please be aware that there is a note that should come home today with these details and the new draw with your child today.



Wk 9 – Wednesday 17th September 2014

Jr & Snr Soccer – Hoxton Park Reserve, Wilson Road Hinchinbrook

Jr & Snr IPSSO Netball & Newcomb Ball/ModBall – WCCS (Bumberra St Prestons) Netball courts and volleyball courts at the front of the school.

Jr & Snr Mixed T-Ball/ Softball teams – Thomas Hassall Anglican College (2nd Ave Middleton Grange)

IPSSO Winter Finals Schedules 17/09/14
Junior Soccer
  1. BAC v THAC
9.30 – 10.15am Hoxton Park Reserve
  1. STP v WCCS
9.30 – 10.15am Hoxton Park Reserve
Senior Soccer
  1. MAS v WCCS
10.25 – 11.25am Hoxton Park Reserve
  1. BAC v THAC
10.25 – 11.25am Hoxton Park Reserve
Junior Netball
  1. MAS v THAC
9.30 – 10.15am WCCS Netball Court 1
  1. BAC v WCCS
9.30 – 10.15am WCCS Netball Court 2
Senior Netball
  1. MAS v GRG
10.25 – 11.25am WCCS Netball Court 1
  1. BAC v WCCS
10.25 – 11.25am WCCS Netball Court 2
Junior Newcombeball
  1. MAS v WCCS
9.30 – 10.15am WCCS Volleyball Court 1
  1. STP v THAC
9.30 – 10.15am WCCS Volleyball Court 2
Senior Volleyball
  1. WAC v THAC
10.25 – 11.25am WCCS Volleyball Court 1
  1. STP v WCCS
10.25 – 11.25am WCCS Volleyball Court 2
Junior Soccer Winner SF1  v  SF2 11.45 – 12.30pm Hoxton Park Reserve
Junior Netball Winner SF1  v  SF2 11.45 – 12.30pm WCCS Netball court
Junior Newcombeballl Winner SF1  v  SF2 11.45 – 12.30pm WCCS Volleyball Court 1
Junior T-ball
  1. GRG v WCCS
11.45 – 12.30pm THAC AFL Oval
Senior Soccer Winner SF1  v  SF2 12.40 – 1.40pm Hoxton Park Reserve
Senior Netball Winner SF1  v  SF2 12.40 – 1.40pm WCCS Netball court
Senior Volleyball Winner SF1  v  SF2 12.40 – 1.40pm WCCS Volleyball Court 1
Senior Softball
  1. WCCS v THAC
12.40 – 1.40pm THAC AFL Oval


Metro Cup Soccer Wrap up!

After 2 false starts, thanks to Sydney’s wettest August for a long time, the Primary Football State Championships finally went ahead on Monday 1st September at Jamison Park Penrith.  There was some great football played in both the Senior and Junior Divisions.  A pleasing result was that out of the 48 pool games played, only 5 ended in scoreless draws.  It was also pleasing that the number of complaints received was well down from last year suggesting the format of keeping the rules for both divisions the same and shortening the games to 15 minutes halves is the best way to go.


In the Junior Division Mamre Anglican School and Pacific Hills Christian School were successful in winning through to the Grand Final courtesy of 2 nil victories in their respective Semi-finals.  The final was end to end action with Pacific Hills proving to strong on the day scoring 2 goals in the 2nd half to become State Champions.


The Senior Division final was contested between Mamre Anglican School and William Carey Christian School.  William Carey got to the final by winning a penalty shootout while Mamre won their Semi-final 4 nil.  Mamre backed up their Semi-final goals with another 4 in the final to become State Champions.


Congratulations to Pacific Hills and Mamre on their victories and well done to all schools that were involved on the day.  Thank you to our referees, coaches, parents and friends who provided a great atmosphere on the day and ensured the Championships were a success.

Justin Cox

CSSA Primary Football State Convenor

Metro Cup

Our primary netball and soccer teams finally had the chance to play the Metro Cup Gala Day on Monday. After being rained out twice, the Monday was the day to play.

The netball girls came up against some very good teams. The jr girls played in their pool and and won a couple of games. Well done girls. The snr girls made it through to their semi finals but were knocked out by a very strong Belmont team.

The soccer boys had the chance to play too. Our jr boys enjoyed the opportunity to play in their pool rounds. And our snr boys had to fight hard to get all the way to the finals. They were exhausted after a very big semi but played well. Unfortunately they missed out on the top spot, however, represented WCCS proudly. Well done boys.

Bring in next the IPSSO finals. …. Week 9