What a great day! @ the Primary Athletics Carnival

Well done to everyone today at the carnival. Thanks for making it such a good time.

Participation was at a high with many heats being run for so many of the events.

Thankyou to all the staff who worked tirelessly throughout the day to keep the day running, pun intended.

God pit on a great show with the sun out all day and not a cloud in the sky. How blessed we are.

Feel free to email any images if the day and I will post them. Keep an eye out as photos will go up over the next few days.

1 thought on “What a great day! @ the Primary Athletics Carnival

  1. Well Done Mr.Hosking & the Staff of WCCS for a well organised, great Athletics Carnival! And the awesome weather was another testament of prayer and that WCCS is truly a blessed school!

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