Metro Cup Today

This morning our junior and senior boys soccer teams are off to Metro Cup. The day is full of quality teams and the better we play the more games we will compete in.

Please pray for safety and good sportsmanship as we represent WCCS.


Today was a great day. The boys from both teams represented the school proudly.

The junior boys played three games but did not make it past the opening rounds for the day. They realised that Metro Cup is full day with high competition. After shaking off the early jitters in the first game, they came back and won the second game convincingly. When it came to the third game they were out played. It was a good experience and one they hope to repeat next year when we get back to the competition in 2014.


On Monday of week five, the Senior boys soccer team answered the call to play at the Metro cup, having come through the Gala without a loss. It was a sunny and windy day, and all knew that it was going to be a test of endurance with many games ahead. In the pool rounds they played ICS Cordeaux, Berowra and Wycliffe Christian School, and came through comfortably without any goals against and scoring a respectable 16.

The quarter finals saw the level of competition step up with a great 40 minute game against Belmont.  Joel H. put the leather into the net for the only goal scored in this game with some fantastic defense by the backs, keeping the clean slate against a determined Belmont attack.

Through to the semi finals and up against Mamre Christian School who had not tasted defeat all day either.  It was a tough and tiring match and the strain of five forty minutes of intensive football was felt by all the team. The William Carey boys struck early with a goal but Mamre hit back soon after leaving the scores drawn at half time. Despite some controversial calls by the ref, and the loss of Josh P. from the field through injury for a period of time, the team faced the difficult task of enduring in a game where exhaustion and frustration were acutely felt. In the second half the lads from Mamre came through with a renewed burst of energy and four unanswered goals, leaving the final score at five to one in Mamre.

Congratulations to the Senior boys soccer team for making it to the Semi finals of the Metro Cup. We’re looking forward to the end of the IPSSO season and the great games coming up.





3 thoughts on “Metro Cup Today

  1. great work to all the boys who participated in the Metro Cup.
    Would also like to see photos of the senior team and how they went.

  2. Will send them later on today,

    Please pass on my congratulations on the great sportsmanship, that the boys have shown through out the year. It is really nice to see them supporting each other at all times.
    What ever the results on the games ahead, it is nice to see that the boys have always been humble with their wins and congratulating the opposite teams for the great games played.
    Happy to know that the boys understand that sports is not only about winning, but also about friendships, team spirit and supporting each other no matter what the result.
    thank you.

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