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Borrowing eBooks and Audio Books

WCCS library has invested in Wheelers e Platform, which allows staff and students to borrow ebooks and audio books for use on PCs and portable devices.

Audio Books

Go to WCCS Portal and select the Wheelers ebook icon

You can choose your audio book either by browsing through the Listening Favourites pages. Look for the books with the audio symbol . You can also choose “Advanced” search and untick the ebooks so that you are only searching the audio book collection.

Use your WCCS login and password

Follow the instructions to borrow the book on your PC or Ipad/tablet


Go to WCCS Portal and select the Wheelers ebook icon

You have had an account created on the ePlatform allowing you to login to the ePlatform.

Use your WCCS login and password.

We are in the process of adding books to our eBook library. If you have any suggestions from the ebooks available on the Wheelers site please email them to Mrs Dawn Smith at smithd@wccs.nsw.edu.au

To borrow and read books you will need an app on your device capable of opening ebooks protected with Adobe Digital Editions. There is a range of apps available, however Wheelers recommends Bluefire reader.

Borrowing your first book:

  1. Download Bluefire Reader – free app on both Android and IOS
  2. Start app and Register on Adobe for an Adobe ID
  3. Log onto Adobe from within the Bluefire app

These first 3 steps will only be required the first time you use the BlueFire App.

Future borrowings should just be able follow the steps below.

  1. Open the browser on your device (chrome, firefox, safari) and log on wheelers
  2. Browse catalogue and borrow required book
  3. Click the download link in your browser with Bluefire reader
  4. Read

After downloading the ebook to your device it will be available in Bluefire reader for a period of 2 weeks. If you finish the book before the 2 week period is up please consider returning the book early to allow others to read your copy.

There is a good help resource available on the ePlatform site which also lists other devices capable of downloading ebooks for reading.

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