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Creative thinkers and original designs…

What is an ‘original design’?

 Choose an artefact found in your home and consider why it is, or once would have been considered an original and innovative design.

What is it?

What makes it useful? What is it’s purpose?

What is creative or original about it?

Could it be improved? How?



5B Research – Useful links

For 5B’s river research…

If the river you are researching is part of the Hawesbury-Napean Catchment check out the following website to locate a summary of the river’s health.


(PDF links on the right hand side of the web page)

If you have found any useful links that you would like to share with your classmates… leave a comment with the link.


Year 5 Research – Useful Links

For 5F, 5N & 5D…

If you are having trouble finding some good sources of information for your library research, try some of the following links:

Common Death Adder

Australian Reptile Park

Queensland Government

Queensland Museum

Australian Museum

Southern Cassowary

Australian Government


Wet Tropics Management Authority

Rainforest Rescue 

Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Australian Government

Wombania’s Wombat Information Centre


The Wombat Foundation 

Waterfall Frog (Torrent Tree Frog)

Australian Government

 Queensland Government

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Animal Exploration

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