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Book Week Competition Winners

Congratulations to all students who entered our Book Week competitions.

Years K-3 illustrated their own bus just like in the short-listed story

“A Bus Called Heaven,” by Bob Graham.

Years 4-6 staged a photograph to illustrate the book week theme

“Champions Read.”

Congratulations to the following Year K-3 students:

Zach KM                        Krish & Abel 1J               Anita 2M                 Caitlin M 3P

Brenda KT                     Kaden 1S                           Jesse 2N                  Natalija 3L

Emma KS                       Alannah 1L                       Melanie 2L             Domenic 3G

Desmond KF                Lucas 1T                             Steven 2C               Ryan 3W

Kosta KB                        Mason 1C                          Jessiah & Samuel 2MG

Congratulations to the following Year 4-6 students:

Bryce & Sunny 4H     Gabriel 5D                        Meredith 6RH

Hayden 4B                    Hannah 5N                      William & Joshua 6H

David 4C                        Jai 5F                                 Taylor 6L

Hayley 4A                    Zoe 5B                                Connor 6C

Well done to everyone who entered!

Come and check out all the entries in the Library.


5N Election – Make the #1 Choice

M ufti Monday

T aco Tuesday

W eekend Wednesday

Th eme Park Thursday

F riday Fries

We’ll make WCCS a much funner place.

Vote #1 ‘The Awesomenaters’



Year 2 Margaret Wild Challenge Week 2

Well done those people who had a go at the challenge question for last week!

In the Kids Book Review interview Margaret says

To be honest, my favourite book is either the one I’ve just finished or am still working on.
Of my published books, I’m fond of a number of them for different reasons e.g. There’s a Sea in My Bedroom because it was my ‘lucky’ book – it helped to get me established and it’s still in print today. Fox, because Ron Brooks’ pictures, typography and design are so incredibly original, beautiful and groundbreaking. Old Pig (also illustrated by Ron) because the pictures are so warm and tender. Harry and Hopper because the illustrator Freya Blackwood approached the story so subtly and sensitively. The Very Best of Friends, illustrated by Julie Vivas.


This weeks question –

Name 2 of the books Margaret Wild wishes that she has written.


Student contributors

The Library blog is looking for student contributors!!!

If you are a keen reader and would like to share some of your reading experiences on the blog, come and have a chat to Mrs Rowlands in the library OR leave me a comment and I will contact you via email.

Go on… you know you want to.