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Destiny’s Right Hand by Michael Wagner

a beautiful shoplifter.Destinys-Right-Hand
a transplanted hand.
a message that.
must be delivered.

While stumbling through a harsh world of
hopes and expectations, teenage journalist
Eddie Innocent meets the stunning but strange
Destiny. As they work together to solve a
painful mystery, Eddie wonders if he’s finally
discovered the front-page news story he’s been
looking for.

What he doesn’t realise is that he’s being drawn deeper into his own darkness.


Recommended for high school students interested mysteries and thrillers. Check it out. 

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The Tunnels of Tarcoola

In my search for something new and interesting to read Mrs Hows has pointed me towards The Tunnels of Tarcoola by Jennifer Walsh. Set in the Sydney suburb of Balmain, Kitty, David, Andrea and Martin explore a series of underground tunnels and happen upon a mysterious, seemingly haunted mansion.

Watch the following clip to find out more as the author (Jennifer Walsh) talks about the book.

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Introducing Lulu Bell!

CLICK HERE  to read a sample online.

CLICK the book
to read a sample online.


Belinda Murrell grew up in a vet hospital with her veterinarian father and animal loving mother and sister. Belinda has used her adventures growing up around some pretty zany animals to inspire her new book series,

Lulu Bell

The Lulu Bell series was written for young readers around 6-9 years of age and follows the adventures of Lulu, her friends and family, and a whole lot of interesting and fun-loving animals.

You can find the Lulu Bell series amongst the blue series book boxes in the fiction library.


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Pookie Aleera

Pookie AleeraWho do you think Pookie Aleera is???

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Clementine Rose

Alice-Miranda fans can check out Jacqueline Harvey’s new series: Clementine Rose

Clementine Rose

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Heroes of Olympus Book 4 – Coming Soon

House of Hades intro

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Doomsday – Phoenix Files Book #6


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The process to borrow your first book is outlined below.

  1. Download Bluefire Reader – free app on both Android and IOS
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  1. Open the browser on your device (chrome, firefox, safari) and log on wheelers
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Sequel to Beckwood Brae

Arion – Book Two in the series is now availableArion

By David H. Webb

– on Amazon Kindle for download to PC, Kindle reader, iPad, Phone etc

Go to:  kindle books. Search for Arion

Arion Chronicles of the Corriian Wars will be displayed and can be downloaded as a trial of full copy.


This story continues the epic story of the young men from the Southern End of Herelstrom who find themselves again in the midst of the storm as the terrible adversary that was only defeated in the first book by an unexpected miracle again musters forces and terrible creatures against their small country.  Both they and their young wives are thrown into a struggle for their very lives.

Many important themes that appear in Beckwood Brae are developed in Arion with more to come in Book Three. These include:

That God who wants to be a Father to us – has a Son

and… what happens when we reach heaven – only a taste (and only

the bits I think we can say with safety but it’s there)



Manga Bible Stories

Manga Metamorphosis

Murderous OppressionManga Metamorphosis

MANGA METAMORPHOSIS dives right into the adventures of Yeshua’s followers after his departure. At first bewildered, they quickly see there is little time for reflection as the forces of their enemies bear down hard and fast upon them. Every ounce of courage and strength is required as these newly endangered followers hold on to their faith and to each other.

They must come to terms with the knowledge that each day could be their last, and indeed, some of them will pay for their convictions with their lives. But despite losses and upheaval, victory is in the making and many believe the adventure and it’s purposes are worth the sorrow.

METAMORPHOSIS picks up right where MESSIAH left off in the MANGA MESSIAH series. This sometimes terrifying, sometimes exhilarating tale of the spread of Yeshua’s teachings despite powerful opposition is told by talented manga-ka Kozumi (Kelly) Shinozawa.

Manga Messiah

Arrival of the King

Manga Messiah

MANGA MESSIAH tells the story of an unknown king who enters the world under the cover of night to begin a seemingly unimpressive work. He soon becomes one of the most powerful figures in the land; intensely hated by some and emphatically loved by others. His work is unlike that of any king before or after him. And his words, his strength, and his life are unlike any the world has ever known.

MESSIAH follows MESSENGERS chronologically but is the first book in the MANGA MESSIAH series. This story of the earth-shaking arrival and work of Yeshua is presented by talented manga-ka Kozumi (Kelly) Shinozawa.



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