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Movie Week

Many students from Kindergarten to Year 9 were involved in The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge earlier this year.

The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to read more widely.
The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is available for all NSW students in Kindergarten to Year 9, in government, independent, Catholic and home schools. 

As a reward, all students in Kindy-Year 6 who completed the Challenge will be invited to the Library next week( Week 5) for a movie, a drink and popcorn. We call it “Movie Week” in the Library.

Parents you would have received a note about this. Please return it if you have any concerns or questions.

Recently all High School students who completed the Challenge received a free Canteen lunch from Mrs Smith.



In the next few weeks, all students who completed the Challenge will also receive their certificates from The Premier’s Office.

Congratulations to all who took up the Challenge and completed it!


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More from Anh Do

Hot Dog!

A new series from comedian Anh Do, the author of the “Weirdo” series.

This is a great series for young readers. The text is easy, the illustrations add interest and the stories are funny!

Hotdog : The Hotdog Series: Book 1 - Anh DoParty Time : The Hotdog Series: Book 2 - Anh DoCircus Time! : The Hotdog Series: Book 3 - Anh Do

Meet Hotdog , the sausage dog, and his friends!

Theres Kev, the goofy cat, whos always dressed up in some silly costume, and Lizzie, the gutsy lizard, who eats bug burgers for breakfast!

Together theyre going on a mad adventure to help a baby bird find its missing mum!

Hotdog and his friends will go to any lengths, and dizzying heights, to find her!

But can they handle dirty nappies and karate-chopping roosters along the way?

For ages 6+


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Meet Henrietta

9781760290245.jpgHello everybody, it’s me. Henrietta the Great Go-Getter, and I’m having a big think. Right now I’m thinking I’d like a baby sister, so I can dress her up in different sorts of hats. But Mum says we’ll have to wait and see. I’m terrible at waiting.

Meanwhile, I’m an explorer of life, and that includes trees, bugs, animals and all mysteries. I’m going to school for the very first time, which means I might have to go as a spy so that I can have a secret peep inside…

When Henrietta sees Olive Higgie crying in the classroom, she goes on a rescue mission and finds that you only need one friend in a room full of strangers to feel perfectly happy.

Henrietta’s stories are full of funny thoughts and discoveries, and maybe the best are the ones that take a long time to come.

Other books in this series:


Suitable for newly independent readers ages 6+

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Meet Coco Banjo- a series by N.J. Gemmell

Coco Banjo to the rescue! Coco Banjo loves her life. She sleeps in a tiger onesie, wears her mum’s diamonds just because she can, and has dolphins and penguins for friends. She also happens to live on her own private island!

Coco’s big character defect (according to some) is that when someone she loves is in trouble or the world seems horribly unfair, she acts quickly to help . . . without properly thinking it through.

This hilarious illustrated series is perfect for emerging readers who are ready for slightly longer chapter books. Coco Banjo will appeal to fans of the Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Dork Diaries series.











For readers aged 7-10 years.

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Great for Early Readers


We have a great series of Fact Finder Books for early readers in the library. The series is called “I Love Reading” and we have many exciting titles available at different levels.

Here are some of the newer titles that we’ve just added to the collection. Come in to the library and take a look at some of the great titles.



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Computer game Characters come to life in books.


1. For ages 5+

These  LEGO creatures  can split, mix, and combine with each other to create new wacky characters. This is a Level 1 DK Reader, LEGO Mixels: Meet the Mixels. Short simple sentences introducing these crazy new characters from Cartoon Network’s animated shorts together with bright and colorful images will keep young readers giggling as they are beginning to learn to read.

2. For ages 8-12

A game of collecting, crafting and surviving the night creatures…

Rip and Mei are trapped inside a brand-new virtual-reality game. At first it seems fun–they must build a shelter, find food and work out what to do with fart flowers–gross! But soon they realise if they don’t play the game and find the way out, they’ll be stuck… forever.

Can they battle flametigers, fire lizards and sombrero-wearing spiders? How will they survive?


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Tales from Mossy Bottom Farm

We have two funny books from a series  that have just arrived in our library for readers aged 5+

“Shaun the Sheep…Tales from Mossy bottom Farm”


One hilarious practical joke leads to another as best friends Shaun the Sheep and Bitzer exact revenge on each other. The jokes get more elaborate, and soon the other residents of the farm are near their wits’ end. Will the two friends go too far with their pranks?How will they ever trust each other again? A side-splitting addition to the Tales from Mossy Bottom Farm series of illustrated books.

Shaun the Sheep : Pranks a Lot! - Martin Howard    Shaun the Sheep : The Beast of Soggy Moor - Martin Howard


One dark, misty night at Mossy Bottom Farm, a starving creature creeps silently through the farmyard, waiting to feed. Well, actually, it’s just Bitzer the sheepdog with a growling stomach, holding his clipboard as he checks on the flock and chickens. But wait?-?what’s that howl that’s making his fur stand on end? Is it Shaun the sheep playing one of his pranks? The Farmer practicing his trombone? Suddenly the moon appears, and there it is: a hulking shadow on the side of the barn that must be the outline of a beast! Are they all doomed, or can Bitzer and his crew concoct a plan that’s so madcap it just might work?


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Jeannie Baker’s newest picture book……..Circle

This beautiful book follows the epic flight of an extraordinary bird.

Jeannie Baker is one of Australia’s most well-known children’s authors and illustrators, whose award-winning books include Where the Forest Meets the Sea, Home and Belonging.

For every page of her children’s books, Jeannie creates intricate, life-like collages, using natural materials such as leaves, feathers and hair wherever possible.

Jeannie only publishes a children’s picture book once every five years or so, because of the length of time it takes her to complete each collage.

Her collages are works of art in their own right – they are part of many public art collections and have been exhibited in galleries in London, New York and throughout Australia.

Her latest book Circle tells the story of the endangered godwit – the long-billed, long-legged migratory wading bird.

The godwit undertakes the longest unbroken migration of any animal, flying from breeding grounds in Alaska to Australia and New Zealand.

As part of her research for this book, Jeannie travelled to Alaska, China and South Korea where the godwit is losing its natural habitat and food source due to human development.

The artwork from Circle will launch at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, and will tour nationwide for two years from June.
Jeannie Baker in her Balmain studio. Her collage illustrations are held in public collections and have been exhibited internationally.



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Do you love dancing?

silver shoes

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