Premier’s Reading Challenge


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We’ve had a great start to The Premier’s Reading Challenge this year!

Many students have been seen reading before school, at lunch times and after school in the library to get ahead with their reading for The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge…….awesome!

This is just to remind everyone that all students in K-6 will be encouraged to complete this challenge before the end of August this year. Incentive Charts with student progress are on display in the Library. As students in K-6 have weekly Library lessons, we will be encouraging the students  to keep reading until completion and monitoring their progress.

High School students in Years 7-9 who have completed the challenge in the past will also be encouraged to continue. However, monitoring, recording and handing in completed challenge sheets to library staff will be their own responsibility.

Many students ask if they can count books they have read at home towards their challenge. The simple answer is …YES!

Below is a link to the official NSW Premier’s Reading Website which has Booklists available , the rules and other information relating to this year’s challenge.


I have also included a link to a video that briefly explains how to check if a book a student has read at home might have a PRC number and could be included.


Don’t forget that students can include 5 books that do not have a PRC number on their challenge as “Free Reads”.

Also, books that adults or siblings read to students can also be included.

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Premier’s Reading Challenge

Well, we are half way through the allotted time for the Premier’s Reading Challenge 2017.


It’s been so exciting to see students from Kindy all the way to Year 9 enthusiastically borrowing books and getting excited about completing their challenge.


Don’t forget the rewards for those who do complete it….a certificate from the NSW Premier’s Office and a movie, drink and popcorn day in the Library at the end of the year.


Here’s just a reminder of what your child needs to do in order to complete this challenge


To assist the students with locating books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge list, we have put coloured dots on books as follows:

Yellow -K-2


Brown 5-6

Orange 7-9

Keep reading over the holidays!

Premier’s Reading Challenge.




Congratulations to the many students who have completed their Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2015.

Just a reminder to everyone that we would like to have all students completed and entered by the end of this term…only 2 weeks.


If you are close to finishing but don’t think you’ll quite make it by the end of next week, then let one of the library staff know and prepare to READ,READ,READ  during your 3 week break!


Premier’s Reading Challenge 2016

Welcome back to another exciting year at WCCS! In the Library this year we have lots of exciting things happening…

Premiers Reading Challenge: The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) aims to encourage in students a love of reading for leisure and pleasure, and to enable students to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to read more widely.

In order to complete the challenge, students need to read:Reading Dragon

Years K-2:  30 books (25 PRC ‘yellow dot’ and 5 free choice)

Years 3-4: 20 books (15 PRC ‘purple dot’ books and 5 free choice)

Years 5-6: 20 books (15 PRC ‘brown dot’ books and 5 free choice)

Years 7-9: 20 books (15 PRC ‘orange dot’ books and 5 free choice)

For more detailed information about the challenge, ask your friendly librarian or visit The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge website by CLICKING HERE.