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‘The Little Penguin’ by Emilija in 2M


It’s a Book!!!! By Lane Smith

I watched this today and it made me laugh!!!

What do you think? 😛


Tired of being the smallest kid in class?

This week my FAVOURITE picture book would have to be ‘Not So Small After All,’ by Lilli Messina.

‘Not So Small After All’ is about a little girl called Lilli who is the smallest in her class. She is sick of being picked on by her classmates and tries all sorts of different things to try and make herself bigger.

Lilli eventually works out that it doesn’t matter how tall you are, it’s matters how big you are on the inside.

This book is funny and well written and I would recommend it to any of our K-2 readers or others that love a good picture book!



Time to go a-viking!

My favourite picture book of the week is The Last Viking, by Norman Jorgensen & James Foley.

Little Knut - The Last Viking

Young Josh is very brave. He isn’t afraid of anything or anyone – except pirates, dinosaurs, monsters under the bed, and trips to Nan & Pops… Come on an adventure with Josh that tests his courage on a viking journey toward glory!

This is a really lovely picture book and as a bonus… it is a shortlisted book for 2012 AND is on the Years 3-4 PRC list.


The book has a secret message written in the Rune characters of the Viking alphabet inside the back cover. Be the first one to decipher the message and post it in a comment to win a prize from Mrs Rowlands.