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Jeannie Baker’s newest picture book……..Circle

This beautiful book follows the epic flight of an extraordinary bird.

Jeannie Baker is one of Australia’s most well-known children’s authors and illustrators, whose award-winning books include Where the Forest Meets the Sea, Home and Belonging.

For every page of her children’s books, Jeannie creates intricate, life-like collages, using natural materials such as leaves, feathers and hair wherever possible.

Jeannie only publishes a children’s picture book once every five years or so, because of the length of time it takes her to complete each collage.

Her collages are works of art in their own right – they are part of many public art collections and have been exhibited in galleries in London, New York and throughout Australia.

Her latest book Circle tells the story of the endangered godwit – the long-billed, long-legged migratory wading bird.

The godwit undertakes the longest unbroken migration of any animal, flying from breeding grounds in Alaska to Australia and New Zealand.

As part of her research for this book, Jeannie travelled to Alaska, China and South Korea where the godwit is losing its natural habitat and food source due to human development.

The artwork from Circle will launch at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, and will tour nationwide for two years from June.
Jeannie Baker in her Balmain studio. Her collage illustrations are held in public collections and have been exhibited internationally.



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New From Morris Gleitzman

Soon – Book 5 in the Felix and Zelda Series

SOON morris gleitzmanI hoped the Nazis would be defeated.
And they were.

I hoped the war would be over.
And it was.

I hoped we would be safe.
But we aren’t.

   Soon continues the incredibly moving story of Felix, a Jewish boy still struggling to survive in the wake of the liberation of Poland after the end of World War Two.

Read a chapter online HERE.

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The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl

The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl, by Melissa Keil has been shortlisted by the Children’s book Council of Australia for Book of the Year in the Older Readers category.

To find out more about this story, watch Liana’s review here.

This book is restricted to senior students only (Years 10-12)

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Pookie Aleera

Pookie AleeraWho do you think Pookie Aleera is???

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New Mystery Series

Coco Carlomango

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The Fire Chronicle

The Fire Chronicle

Sequel to The Emerald Atlas

By John Stephens


Recommended for grades 5-7

Fifteen-year-old Kate, almost 13-year-old Michael, and 12-year-old Emma don’t know why Dr. Pym sent them back to the dreadful orphanage at the end of The Emerald Atlas (Knopf, 2011), but Kate, who learned to control the power of the Atlas to travel through time, knows they need to leave as soon as possible. In the first chapter of Chronicle, a monstrous Screecher attacks, and Kate lures it into the past at the exact moment Dr. Pym appears to retrieve Michael and Emma. While Kate deals with the Dickensian world of 1899 New York on the eve of Separation, when the magical and mundane worlds will split for good, Michael, Emma, and Pym search for information about the other two books in a variety of unlikely places. This is a roller-coaster ride of a story, which includes old friends and new, a visit to Antarctica, the rescue of an Elf Princess (who is sometimes a dragon), a touch of doomed romance, a generous leavening of humor, life, death, betrayal, and (just a warning) a nasty little cliff-hanger of an ending. It is really Michael’s story–he deals with unimaginable challenges with humor, courage, and insight. Knowledge of the first book is suggested; readers who start with this one will definitely want to backtrack. Fans of the first book won’t be disappointed, and will eagerly anticipate the next one. The Emerald Atlas was very good. This one is even better. Mara Alpert, Los Angeles Public Library


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