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D-Bot Squad by Mac Park

Just landed in our library!

A super-exciting series about DINOSAUR ROBOTS for first readers … from Mac Park, the creators of the bestselling Boy vs Beast series.

D-Bot Squad is written to get kids reading – and keep them reading. Combining un-put-downable content with success-reading readability, D-Bot Squad will have even the most reluctant readers devouring all eight books.

A world kids will love, using words they can read.



Ages 7+

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Weirdo 8…..Really Weird


The latest book in Anh Do’s “Weirdo” series is now available for borrowing in our library.Hurry in and ask at the Library Desk as this series has been VERY POPULAR!

Grandma Do is visiting, just in time for Grandparents Day, a trip to the farm AND the school dance! Life is about to get REALLY weird for Weir Do… because Grandma Do is the weirdest one of all! It wont be easy… but it will be funny!


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Claude is no ordinary dog – he leads an extraordinary life! When his owners ,Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes set off for work , Claude decides what adventure he wants to have that day.

We have 3 books from the series that have just arrived at the library….Claude at the Circus, Claude on Holiday and Claude at Sea.

Great for young readers just getting into simple chapter books with larger text and pictures.

Great for young readers aged 6+

 Image result for claude all at sea

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A new series by Linda Chapman

Everyone’s favourite world-famous fashion icon, HELLO KITTY, is starring in her very own fiction series!  Hello Kitty and her friends is a series all about fun and friendship!

Follow Hello Kitty and her friends on 12 fabulous adventures that take them to the beach, the stage, the summer fair and much more, each collectible Hello Kitty book in this fabulous series is filled with important lessons of fun and friendship.

For young readers aged 5+.

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A new Early Readers Series by Shannon and Dean Hale



Do princesses really wear black?

By day, Princess Magnolia, the main character of The Princess in Black, is your typical, run-of-the-mill, royal pink princess. But when her glitter ring starts to chime, she makes a secret transformation into the “Princess in Black,” and is off to save her kingdom from monsters.

We have this new series of Early Chapter books for young readers aged 5+ in our library now.

I’m sure you’ll love them!


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Especially for First Time Readers- Ginger Green



Ginger Green loves playing dress-up and make-believe, she loves dancing and doing gymnastics. Most of all, Ginger likes playing with her friends. Ginger Green is the Play Date Queen! A new series of very easy first chapter books . For ages 5+

Ginger green

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CBCA Short-listed Books 2016

The Children’s Book Council of Australia is a not for profit organisation which aims to engage the community with literature for young Australians. The CBCA presents annual awards for books of literary merit, for outstanding contribution to Australian children’s literature.

Over the coming weeks, I will post information about the books that made the CBC Shortlist this year .





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Welcome Chook.

Book Cover for the Chook Doolan Series                    IN OUR LIBRARY NOW

Hi. My name is Simon, but you can call me Chook. Almost everyone does.

Chook Doolan is a smart but nervous kid who just wants to be braver. With the help of family and friends, Chook will learn to navigate the new rules and challenges of primary school.

A very funny series, Chook Doolan is perfectly pitched for emerging readers with simple sentences, short chapters, large font and black-and-white illustrations. Ages 5+

We have copies of the first 2 books in this new series by James Roy in the library now, with 2 more coming in August this year.

                    COMING IN AUGUST 2016


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Do you love Puppies? (Who doesn’t)

Have you tried any of the  books from the series “The Puppy Place” by Ellen Miles?

The Puppy Place series is about two kids, Charles and Lizzie Peterson, who really want a puppy.  Their mum, however, doesn’t think their family is quite ready.  So they “baby-sit” cute little puppies, who are transitioning to a new home.

“Daisy” has just arrived in our library.

Charles is so happy to be fostering Daisy, the cutest Boston terrier. She loves being around people and even other dogs. But when Daisy is left alone, she chews things up. And Charles can’t stay with her all the time. Will he be able to help this puppy find a new home?


We have about 15 other books from this series in the library. Why not give one a try?







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Launching into chapter books?


Are you  ready for easy to read chapter books?

Here are some suggestions for you. These are mostly ‘series’ books,so if you enjoy a particular book ,there are others in the same series to read as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Billie B Brown by Sally Rippin.

Hey Jack by Sally Rippin

Zac Power Test Drive Series by H.I.Larry

Katie Woo by Fran Manushken

Ella and Olivia by Yvette Poshoglian

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

EJ Spy School by Susannah McFarlane

Aussie Nibbles Series.

Solos Series

Gigglers Series

Supa Doopers series.

Pearlie series  by Wendy Harmer

Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter by Robert irwin, Lachlan Creagh & jack Wells

Ava Anne Appleton by Wendy Harmer


AND A BRAND NEW SERIES IN OUR LIBRARY……………………………………………………………..

LOLA’S TOY BOX    by Danny Parker.

When Lola is given an old toy box, she discovers it’s a magical passageway……………..to a world where toys come to life!




THE CLEO STORIES by Libby Gleeson

Meet Cleo, a little girl with a big imagination. Winner of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Award for Young Readers in 2015, the stories show how a little girl with a big imagination can always find ways to have fun.


Come and ask the library staff, we are always happy to help you select “good fit” books.

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