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Meet Ruby Wishfingers by Deborah Kelly

Ruby Wishfingers is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary name. Only nobody else seems to think so. That is until Ruby Wishfingers wakes up with a strange feeling in the tips of her fingers. She soon finds out that there is far more to being a Wishfingers than having a funny name.

Ruby can wish for whatever she wants with her wish fingers. However, she soon realises that they create more trouble than good.

Ruby Wishfingers will take you on a magical adventure, featuring talking cats, jelly bean rain and pocket-sized unicorns.


Suitable for ages 6- 9 years

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Alex Rider is back!



Alex Rider , Never say Die by Anthony Horowitz

In this brand new, explosive adventure in the number one bestselling series, Alex Rider is trying to get his life back on track after the traumatic events of his last mission. But even Alex can’t fight the past … especially when it holds a deadly secret.



Alex Rider is a series of spy novels by British author Anthony Horowitz about a 14–15-year-old spy named Alex Rider. The series is aimed primarily at young adults. The series was adapted into a movie in 2006.



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Welcome Back to Term 3

Welcome Back to Term 3  Everyone!

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and caught up on lots of Reading.

However, you’ve had your books since before the holidays now, so ………………


You are allowed to keep your library books for a 2 week loan period.  If you find that you haven’t finished with your books after that period, please come and see one of our library staff and we can renew ( extend ) your loan for you. This will prevent you from getting an Overdue Notice.

If however, you do receive an Overdue Book Notice, please return your books as soon as possible, come to the library to renew your loan or come and talk to the library staff about why you can’t return the books at that time.



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Weirdo 8…..Really Weird


The latest book in Anh Do’s “Weirdo” series is now available for borrowing in our library.Hurry in and ask at the Library Desk as this series has been VERY POPULAR!

Grandma Do is visiting, just in time for Grandparents Day, a trip to the farm AND the school dance! Life is about to get REALLY weird for Weir Do… because Grandma Do is the weirdest one of all! It wont be easy… but it will be funny!


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The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour is a collection of 5 short stories . In each of the stories, Miss Petitfour uses one of her special party tablecloths to act as a kite and her 16 cats to act as the kite’s tail. Together, they go on  exciting adventures. Miss Petitfour enjoys having adventures that are “just the right size – fitting into a single, magical day.” Join Miss Petitfour and her cats on a search for marmalade, going to a spring jumble sale, on a quest for “birthday cheddar”, the retrieval of a lost rare stamp and as they compete in the village’s annual Festooning Festival.














For ages 7 +

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History Mysteries

Do you love mysteries? Do you love History?

Then look no further than the new series in our library……History Mysteries by Mark Greenwood.

Mark Greenwood is a history hunter. He enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, solving famous cold cases and delving into Australian history’s most baffling mysteries.




On September 7, 1936, the last captive Tasmanian tiger dies alone and neglected in a Hobart Zoo. Since then many people claim to have sighted this amazing creature. Did the entire species vanish forever on that bleak night? No one can prove the tiger still exists, but could a determined searcher and modern science provide a glimmer of hope…





It’s 1930, and a man named Harold Lasseter claims to have found a massive gold reef in Central Australia. In the excitement that follows, he attempts to find it again. On his journey across the desert he buries maps and secret messages beneath the ashes of his campfires – before taking the mysterious location of the treasure to the grave…





In 1848 the famous explorer Ludwig Leichhardt sets out on an epic journey. His aim is to cross Australia from east to west, but he never reaches his destination and no one from his expedition is ever seen again. Countless search parties set out to look for the expedition but no trace is ever found. Until a young boy is given an artefact with an incredible story . . .





In March 1942, an aircraft prepares for a desperate midnight escape, taking refugees to safety in Australia. Just before take-off, the pilot is entrusted with a mysterious, wax-sealed package. But when the plane is shot down by the enemy and crash lands on the Kimberley coast, the package is forgotten. Until someone stumbles across the find of a lifetime . . .


For ages 8-12 

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Great for Early Readers


We have a great series of Fact Finder Books for early readers in the library. The series is called “I Love Reading” and we have many exciting titles available at different levels.

Here are some of the newer titles that we’ve just added to the collection. Come in to the library and take a look at some of the great titles.



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Two Popular series


Due the popularity and high demand for the books in these two series, we now have extra copies available in the library!


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What does it take to become a Guide Dog?

A fun, heartwarming series about the puppies that train to become Guide Dogs and the families who help raise them.

We have some great books for young readers 7+ called the “Little Paws” series.

Each fiction book in the Little Paws series introduces a new pup at a different age and details the adventures they have while being trained to become guide dogs and the families who raise them.

Little Paws 1: Welcome Home, HarleyLittle Paws 4: Goldie Makes the Grade

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You have LOVED Jack Heath’s “You Choose” Adventure Series “Countdown to Danger”.

Bullet Train Disaster : Countdown to Danger : Book 1 - Jack HeathCountdown to Danger : Countdown to Danger : Book 2 - Jack HeathCountdown to Danger : Deadly Heist : Number 3 - Jack Heath

Well….Book number 3 “Deadly Heist” is now available in the library! 

You are standing inside a busy city bank, wary of three suspicious people you just saw come in. Suddenly an EAR-SPLITTING SCREAM makes you jump. The alarm starts ringing. One of the suspicious trio, a man, has pulled a grenade out of his bag. The woman has just melted the security camera with her laser shooter. Do you get down on the floor like they tell you? Or try to escape when they turn their backs?

30 minutes. 30 paths. You choose if you live or die.

For ages 8+

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