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The Book Fair has arrived!


Much excitement in the library today….The Scholastic Book Fair arrived !

Come in and browse before school, at lunch time and after school

We start selling on Friday! (20th)….Grandparents Day.


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Escape to Everywhere

WCCS is celebrating Book Week this week!

Come into the library, all of our staff are dressed and excited to help you choose where you’d like a book to take you!

We are like the Travel Agents of books!

A good book can help you escape to just about anywhere.

Where would you like to escape to?

There are so many possibilities!


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Escape to Everywhere!



Next week, Week 2 we will be celebrating Book Week at William Carey.

This year’s theme is “Escape to Everywhere”.

Books can take us to so many different places in our imaginations, can’t they?

Have you ever enjoyed reading a book so much, that you lost track of time? I have.

There will be so much happening to celebrate Book Week over the next few weeks.

Monday- Wednesday:  After Recess: “The Great Teacher Swap”. Teachers will go to different classes to read some great books to the students.

Thursday : “Reading in a secret location”. Teachers will take their class to read a book in a  fun, “secret location”

Friday :  Grandparents Day . Students from K-3 will dress up as a favourite Book Character and be involved in a Book Week parade.


Our Scholastic Book Fair arrives on Wednesday of Week 2 (Book Week) and will be leaving on Wednesday of Week 3.

Students and parents can view the Book Fair at lunch time and after school Wednesday Week 2 and before school, at lunch time and after school on Thursday.

The Book Fair will start selling before school on Grandparents Day (Friday Week 2)

Sales will continue before school, at lunch time and after school on Monday and Tuesday and before school on Wednesday  of Week 3.

The Book Fair will be leaving our school at Recess on Wednesday 25th.

Such an exciting time ahead!!!


I’ve heard that we might even have a special visitor in the library on Grandparents Day. (Hope he’s not too cranky!)


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A reminder



Please  return or renew your loans this week as the holidays are almost here.


Remember Clipart

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Have you tried Graphic Novels?

What is a Graphic Novel?

Your parents and grandparents might have called them “Comics”

A Graphic Novel is a novel in comic-strip format. Graphic novels can be fiction, non-fiction, history, fantasy or anything in between.

We have a display of Graphic Novels in the Library ranging in suitability from Primary age to High School.

If you haven’t seen the shelves where they are yet…ask someone in the library to point you in the right direction!

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Childrens Book Council of Australia Winners for 2017

And the Winners are…….


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More from Anh Do

Hot Dog!

A new series from comedian Anh Do, the author of the “Weirdo” series.

This is a great series for young readers. The text is easy, the illustrations add interest and the stories are funny!

Hotdog : The Hotdog Series: Book 1 - Anh DoParty Time : The Hotdog Series: Book 2 - Anh DoCircus Time! : The Hotdog Series: Book 3 - Anh Do

Meet Hotdog , the sausage dog, and his friends!

Theres Kev, the goofy cat, whos always dressed up in some silly costume, and Lizzie, the gutsy lizard, who eats bug burgers for breakfast!

Together theyre going on a mad adventure to help a baby bird find its missing mum!

Hotdog and his friends will go to any lengths, and dizzying heights, to find her!

But can they handle dirty nappies and karate-chopping roosters along the way?

For ages 6+


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Meet Henrietta

9781760290245.jpgHello everybody, it’s me. Henrietta the Great Go-Getter, and I’m having a big think. Right now I’m thinking I’d like a baby sister, so I can dress her up in different sorts of hats. But Mum says we’ll have to wait and see. I’m terrible at waiting.

Meanwhile, I’m an explorer of life, and that includes trees, bugs, animals and all mysteries. I’m going to school for the very first time, which means I might have to go as a spy so that I can have a secret peep inside…

When Henrietta sees Olive Higgie crying in the classroom, she goes on a rescue mission and finds that you only need one friend in a room full of strangers to feel perfectly happy.

Henrietta’s stories are full of funny thoughts and discoveries, and maybe the best are the ones that take a long time to come.

Other books in this series:


Suitable for newly independent readers ages 6+

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A new series by David Lawrence….Ball Stars!



A fun-filled junior fiction series written in partnership with Basketball Australia

Meet the Bench Warmers – Danny, Crystal, Angie, Omyr, Leanne and Cody. They’re the new basketball players at Robdale Primary and according to hot shot Greg ‘The Goat’ McGriffin, they don’t have a chance of winning a lunchtime game. But when the gang are picked as part of the school squad things start to look up.


Can the newbies shake off their name in the upcoming interschool comp, or will it be just another reminder of where they really belong?


For Ages 8+

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A new series- The Selwood Boys.


The Selwood brothers are four of the AFL’s favourite sons.

Troy Selwood played for the Brisbane Lions from 2005 to 2010 and his twin brother, Adam Selwood, was a Premiership player for the West Coast Eagles.

Joel Selwood is a three-time Premiership player, five-time All-Australian, four-time AFLPA Most Courageous Player and the current captain of the Geelong Cats. Youngest brother, Scott Selwood, was vice-captain of the West Coast Eagles and their 2012 Best and Fairest, before joining Joel at Geelong in 2016.

Tony Wilson is the author of The Princess And The Packet Of Frozen Peas, The Cow Tripped Over The Moon, Emo The Emu and many more.

This is a series based around the lives of these brothers growing up in Victoria. It’s largely about football, family and good times. You don’t even have to love AFL to enjoy this series!




For ages 7+   Available in our library now.

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