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Week 7- It’s time to return your library books.




Can you believe we are in Week 7 already?

We would really appreciate all library books  being returned this week. This will enable us to stocktake, tidy and shelve in preparation for next year.

There will be no more borrowing  this year. Prep to Year 6 will be able to return their books during library lessons this week as usual but will not be able to borrow.

Please let us know if you are unable to find your library books or textbooks.

If you have lost any books, it would be greatly appreciated if you could pay the cost of replacement( as indicated on the Overdue Notice) as soon as possible to the Uniform Shop and then bring the receipt to the library. We will then clear your overdue notice from the system. If the book turns up within the next six months, we will refund you the money.

We would really appreciate your assistance.


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Week 6 in the Library

Can you believe it’s Week 6 already?

Just a reminder for Prep-Year 6 classes that this will be your last week for borrowing.

All books need to be returned to the library in Week 7. This is so we can have all books and library equipment accounted for and back in its correct place, ready for you to use in 2018.


Thanks for your help!


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Did you miss out on Books from The Book Fair?

We have purchased many of the books that featured in the recent Scholastic Book Fair.

Check out the special stand featuring these books in the library now!

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Movie Week

Many students from Kindergarten to Year 9 were involved in The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge earlier this year.

The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to read more widely.
The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is available for all NSW students in Kindergarten to Year 9, in government, independent, Catholic and home schools. 

As a reward, all students in Kindy-Year 6 who completed the Challenge will be invited to the Library next week( Week 5) for a movie, a drink and popcorn. We call it “Movie Week” in the Library.

Parents you would have received a note about this. Please return it if you have any concerns or questions.

Recently all High School students who completed the Challenge received a free Canteen lunch from Mrs Smith.



In the next few weeks, all students who completed the Challenge will also receive their certificates from The Premier’s Office.

Congratulations to all who took up the Challenge and completed it!


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The Book Fair has arrived!


Much excitement in the library today….The Scholastic Book Fair arrived !

Come in and browse before school, at lunch time and after school

We start selling on Friday! (20th)….Grandparents Day.


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Escape to Everywhere

WCCS is celebrating Book Week this week!

Come into the library, all of our staff are dressed and excited to help you choose where you’d like a book to take you!

We are like the Travel Agents of books!

A good book can help you escape to just about anywhere.

Where would you like to escape to?

There are so many possibilities!


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Escape to Everywhere!



Next week, Week 2 we will be celebrating Book Week at William Carey.

This year’s theme is “Escape to Everywhere”.

Books can take us to so many different places in our imaginations, can’t they?

Have you ever enjoyed reading a book so much, that you lost track of time? I have.

There will be so much happening to celebrate Book Week over the next few weeks.

Monday- Wednesday:  After Recess: “The Great Teacher Swap”. Teachers will go to different classes to read some great books to the students.

Thursday : “Reading in a secret location”. Teachers will take their class to read a book in a  fun, “secret location”

Friday :  Grandparents Day . Students from K-3 will dress up as a favourite Book Character and be involved in a Book Week parade.


Our Scholastic Book Fair arrives on Wednesday of Week 2 (Book Week) and will be leaving on Wednesday of Week 3.

Students and parents can view the Book Fair at lunch time and after school Wednesday Week 2 and before school, at lunch time and after school on Thursday.

The Book Fair will start selling before school on Grandparents Day (Friday Week 2)

Sales will continue before school, at lunch time and after school on Monday and Tuesday and before school on Wednesday  of Week 3.

The Book Fair will be leaving our school at Recess on Wednesday 25th.

Such an exciting time ahead!!!


I’ve heard that we might even have a special visitor in the library on Grandparents Day. (Hope he’s not too cranky!)


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A reminder



Please  return or renew your loans this week as the holidays are almost here.


Remember Clipart

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Have you tried Graphic Novels?

What is a Graphic Novel?

Your parents and grandparents might have called them “Comics”

A Graphic Novel is a novel in comic-strip format. Graphic novels can be fiction, non-fiction, history, fantasy or anything in between.

We have a display of Graphic Novels in the Library ranging in suitability from Primary age to High School.

If you haven’t seen the shelves where they are yet…ask someone in the library to point you in the right direction!

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Childrens Book Council of Australia Winners for 2017

And the Winners are…….


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