Find Your Treasure….in the Library !

Come to the library next week ( Week 9) and go on a Treasure Hunt!

Yes, that’s right, see how many gold coins you can see around the library ( all at ceiling height).

Ask one of the library teachers for an entry form, count the coins, write your answer and place it in the Treasure Chest at the Service Desk.

Someone who counts the coins correctly will receive a voucher to choose a free book at The Book Fair in Week 1 next term.

Get counting!

Book Week

It was a great week in the WCCS Library last week. We celebrated BOOK WEEK.

It was so good to  see students and teachers having fun for The Great Mystery Teacher Swap each day and fantastic to see so many students dressed as their favourite book characters on Friday.

Thank you everyone.

Don’t forget that we are still selling at The Book Fair until Wednesday Recess this week!

Escape to Everywhere

WCCS is celebrating Book Week this week!

Come into the library, all of our staff are dressed and excited to help you choose where you’d like a book to take you!

We are like the Travel Agents of books!

A good book can help you escape to just about anywhere.

Where would you like to escape to?

There are so many possibilities!



We will be celebrating Book Week at William Carey next week!

(Week 3)

The theme for this year is :-

“Books Light up Our World”

Books light up our world in so many ways, don”t they. They enable us to travel without leaving our homes and to escape into worlds of fantasy and adventure.

Books educate us, entertain us and enlighten us.

Primary students will enjoy “The Great Mystery Teacher Swap” (different teachers coming to their classes to read to them after Recess each day.)

K-2 students can look forward to  a Book Week Colouring/ Drawing Competition to be done in class library periods.




BOOK FAIR will be arriving on Wednesday Afternoon of Week 3 and leaving on Wednesday of Week 4

Buying will be from 8 a.m.until 4 pm Friday 23rd, Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th . On Wednesday 28th books will be on sale from 8 a.m until 9 a.m.