Looking for some inspiration? What can I read next?

Just a reminder about the Aussie Nibbles ,Aussie Bites and Aussie Chomps series of books we have in our library. These short chapter books are very popular books, written by Australian authors. Aussie Nibbles are for beginning readers.
Aussie Bites have a wider range, from 7– 10 year olds.
Aussie Chomps are a little longer and a bit more difficult, for 8 – 12 year olds.
Another similar series also with appealing illustrations and short chapters is Solos which has a text even simpler than the Aussie Nibbles.
A series called Mates has coloured illustrations, lively stories and an Australian feel and is about the reading level of Nibbles.
All the series are great fun to read and give children confidence in their reading and in their ability to tackle chapter books.
We have book boxes of these series available in the library….so come and ask us where they are!

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