New for High School Readers

For High School students

We have 3 new war themed books that have just arrived in the library. Why don’t you come in and browse on the “New Books” shelf?

1.  Lizzie and Margaret Rose  by Pamela Rushby


The story opens in London, in 1940, where we meet 10-year-old Margaret Rose who has just survived a deadly air raid that destroys her family home.  Across the world, in Townsville, Queensland, her aunt decides to take her in, so she is forced to venture across the sea to navigate life in a strange country with her aunt and uncle and three cousins she has never met, including 11-year-old Lizzie.

Told alternately through the eyes of Margaret Rose and her 11-year-old cousin, Lizzie, the book details Margaret Rose’s new life in a place where the war is also encroaching.

2.  1917    by Kelly Gardiner

Book cover 1917

The war in France rages in the skies, and support for the war in Australia turns cold. Alex flies high above the trenches of the Western Front, while a world away his sister Maggie finds herself in the midst of political upheaval. Somehow, both must find the courage to fight on.

3.   Kokoda  by Peter Fitzsimons

Kokoda : Updated Edition - Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons tells the Kokoda story in a gripping, and moving, style for all Australians. Kokoda was a defining battle for Australia, where a small force of young, ill-equipped Australians engaged a highly experienced  Japanese force on a narrow, precarious jungle track. Again and again, the outnumbered Australians risked everything to stop the Japanese from advancing along the track towards mainland Australia.

Conditions on the track were hellish – rain was constant, the terrain close to inhospitable, food and ammunition supplies were practically non-existent and the men constantly battled malaria and dysentery, as well as the Japanese. The Australian troops were wounded and exhausted beyond belief, but always found that extra bit of spirit to fight on, with the help of the local people.

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