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Premier’s Reading Challenge


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We’ve had a great start to The Premier’s Reading Challenge this year!

Many students have been seen reading before school, at lunch times and after school in the library to get ahead with their reading for The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge…….awesome!

This is just to remind everyone that all students in K-6 will be encouraged to complete this challenge before the end of August this year. Incentive Charts with student progress are on display in the Library. As students in K-6 have weekly Library lessons, we will be encouraging the students  to keep reading until completion and monitoring their progress.

High School students in Years 7-9 who have completed the challenge in the past will also be encouraged to continue. However, monitoring, recording and handing in completed challenge sheets to library staff will be their own responsibility.

Many students ask if they can count books they have read at home towards their challenge. The simple answer is …YES!

Below is a link to the official NSW Premier’s Reading Website which has Booklists available , the rules and other information relating to this year’s challenge.



I have also included a link to a video that briefly explains how to check if a book a student has read at home might have a PRC number and could be included.


Don’t forget that students can include 5 books that do not have a PRC number on their challenge as “Free Reads”.

Also, books that adults or siblings read to students can also be included.

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Become a computer programmer!

We have some great books on Coding & creating Games using Javascript, ranging from the very basics for kids, to more advanced.

If that’s your passion…….come in to the library and take a look at some of the books we have available.

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STEM Solves Fairytales

STEM Solves Fairytales: A new series in our library by Jasmine Brooke.

Fix fairytale problems using STEM Thinking (Science ,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ).


Help Rapunzel escape from her high tower using a zip wire and a bit of gravity or work out how science and technology can help Little Red Riding Hood fix that wolf once and for all! This fun and quirky approach takes stories that young readers already know and love, but with the added twist of learning about STEM subjects along the way.

Read the story, try out the fun experiments and use your STEM skills to work out innovative ways to solve fairytale problems!

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For children aged 7+.

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David Walliams has just released his tenth children’s novel!!

Bad Dad is all about a father and son who take on the villainous Mr Big. It’s a riches to rags story that will have you on the edge of your seat and roaring with laughter.

Here’s a little flavour of the new novel, in David Walliams’ own words.

“Bad Dad is about a boy named Frank whose dad is thrown into prison for driving the getaway car in a bank robbery. Frank hatches a daring plan to break his father out of prison for the night so they can put the stolen money back. But will the evil crime boss Mr Big stop them?”

Available in our library now.

For ages 8 +

Bad Dad

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The rabbits are in trouble! Meet me at the land of Lost Hats.-P

When Cosentino, the Grand Illusionist, receives a mysterious note, he discovers the evil two-headed King’s terrible secret. The King has locked up all but a few of the rabbits of Magicland in the Royal Zoo.

And tonight, he is going to have a marvellous feast. Everyone in Silver City is invited for a dinner of . . . ROLLED ROAST RABBIT! Cos needs the help of his friends to pull off this rescue!


A new book, following the first, very popular book by Cosentino & Jack Heath……..


In our library now!

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A new exciting series by Mac Park

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A new series by Anh Do


Do you Love The “Weirdo”  and “Hot Dog” series by Anh Do ?

Check out Book 1 in  Anh’s  new exciting series …..Ninja Kid………”From Nerd to Ninja”


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Ninja Kid by Anh DoImage result for anh do


Nelson’s a nerd! Unfit, uncool…totally awkward! But when he wakes up on his tenth birthday, he discovers he’s a NINJA! THE LAST NINJA ON EARTH!

How’s he going to save the world when he can’t even get his undies on the right way?! With the help of Grandma’s inventions and his wild cousin Kenny, can Nelson master his new ninja skills AND save Duck Creek?


In our library now!

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How to choose a “Good Fit” book

During library lessons,  classes have been shown a  great strategy for selecting a chapter book that will be a “Good Fit” for them.

It is called “The Five Finger Test” and we will be encouraging students to use this strategy when selecting a book to borrow.

I thought it might be helpful to share this with parents also.

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Don’t forget to bring your Library Bag ( with your name on it ) to your library lesson each week.

Students are not allowed to borrow without one as it helps to keep library books protected.

Library bags are for sale at the school Uniform Shop but any protective bag is allowed.


Just a reminder that the loan period is 2 weeks but students are encouraged to return books as soon as they are finished reading them.


Please come and talk to any of the library staff if you have any questions or need assistance……we’re here to help!



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We have  story time for pre-schoolers in the library every Thursday morning after morning Primary assembly. ( approx 9.00- 9.30)

After dropping your older children, why not bring your pre-schooler along to the library?

You can meet other parents and their children and your child can meet “Hairy” the Orangutan who LOVES books and reading!

Starts this Thursday, 8th Feb.

See you there!


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