Battle of the Books


The High School Book Chat group is gearing up for an epic battle of books. 8 books (or series) from a range of genres have been chosen, and 2 books at a time will be pitted against each other in a knockout competition…until only one remains. This book or series will be crowned the best! The genres are:

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Teen/Romance
  • Historical/Biographical
  • Realistic Fiction/Other

Round 1 – Fantasy

Who will eventually be crowned the winner???

Come to Book Chat on Tuesday at lunch to find out!

Go on an Adventure back in Time.

Author Felice Arena has brilliantly woven together adventure, history and realistic fiction in his 3 latest books. These are each stand-alone, action-packed novels set in historical times.

THE BOY AND THE SPY is about an orphan boy’s fight to survive Nazi occupied Sicily
FEARLESS FREDERICK is set in the period of the 1910 floods of Paris and tells the stories of 3 different children and their struggles to survive.
A GREAT ESCAPE, is Arena’s newest addition and is set in the period of The Cold War in Germany. Peter and his family are separated by a wall that the government has built down the middle of the city but Peter has a plan to reunite them ! Will he survive?

For ages 10+ Available in our library now.

Book Tasting

Weeks 6 & 7 were great weeks in the Library for Years 5 & 6!

The students were involved in a “Book Tasting” at our Carey Cafe.

What is a Book Tasting?

Our primary classroom in the Library was set up as a Cafe with checked tablecloths, placemats, candles,relaxing music and platters of books.

There were 11 Genre “Tasting Tables”.

Over a two week period, students were given 5 minutes at each Genre Table to “taste” the books on their platter and to keep a running record of any books they might be interested in reading in the future.

This was a great opportunity for students to become familiar with a wide variety of books that are in our library.

Students now have quite substantial future reading lists and many students discovered that they quite liked some books in Genres they didn’t think they’d be interested in.

Overall, it was a fun two weeks and a great success!

Real Pigeons- a new series

By Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood

Image result for real pigeons fight crime

Ever wonder why pigeons always act so weird? It’s because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and protecting us.

Did you know your city is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons? It’s true!

The Real Pigeons series is a an easy and funny introduction to reading chapter books.

For ages 6+

Available in our library now.

Image result for real pigeons fight crime

The Premier’s Reading Challenge

Image result for nsw  prc 2019

We’ve had a great start to The Premier’s Reading Challenge this year!

Many students have been seen reading before school, at lunch times and after school in the library to get ahead with their reading for The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge…….awesome!

This is just to remind everyone that all students in K-6 will be encouraged to complete this challenge before the end of August this year. Incentive Charts with student progress are on display in the Library. As students in K-6 have weekly Library lessons, we will be encouraging the students  to keep reading until completion and monitoring their progress.

High School students in Years 7-9 who have completed the challenge in the past will also be encouraged to continue. However, monitoring, recording and handing in completed challenge sheets to library staff will be their own responsibility.

Many students ask if they can count books they have read at home towards their challenge. The simple answer is …YES!

Below is a link to the official NSW Premier’s Reading Website which has Booklists available , the rules and other information relating to this year’s challenge.

I have also included a link to a video that briefly explains how to check if a book a student has read at home might have a PRC number and could be included.

Have a look at the new PRC Student Site at the address above which makes searching for a book in the Genre you prefer so easy !

Mrs Shore created this last year. The same procedures apply for 2019.

Don’t forget that students can include 5 books that do not have a PRC number on their challenge as “Free Reads”.

Also, books that adults or siblings read to students can be included.

Keep Reading!!!  

Who would win?

Lion vs Tiger

Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear

Hammerhead Shark vs Bull Shark

Students love predicting who would win in a potential match-up between two real-life animals! This nonfiction series builds background knowledge and research skills. 

A new Non-Fiction series by Jerry Palotta. Available now in our library.

Image result for who would win series overview

A series for Young Adults

The Thirteenth Reality by James Dashner

What if every time you made a choice that had a significant consequence, a new, alternate reality was created — the life that would’ve been had you made the other choice? What if those new realities were in danger? What if it fell to you to save all the realities?

A boy named Atticus “‘Tick'” Higginbottom is a normal 13-year-old until he gets a letter from Alaska, signed ‘M.G.’ Tick learns that something deadly is about to happen and could result in the destruction of reality itself. Tick then follows clues and solves riddles in more letters, soon meeting new friends and journeying into other realities- alternate worlds that are created every time a choice is made. Not knowing what dangers lie ahead Tick and his friends take on a journey that could be life-threatening.

A Science Fiction series by James Dashner suitable for Young Adults.

Book 1 Journal of Curious Letters
Book 2 Hunt the Dark Infinity
Book 3 Blade of Shattered Hope
Book 4 Avoid Mist & Thunder

A new series for young readers

Have you met Pearl?

This is a new series in our library by Sally Odgers. It is a light hearted adventure series with a positive message that is fun to read aloud. Printed with pink highlights throughout, varied fonts and comical illustrations, this book will appeal to young readers beginning to read chapter books.