It’s the end of the year!

Well, it’s the last week of term already!

Thanks to all students and parents who have returned textbooks, Home readers and library Books.

There are still some ¬†books outstanding. Please make sure you return them before Thursday . If you have received a message about overdue books and can’t find them, please come and see a Library Staff member .

On behalf of the Library Staff, we wish you all a very safe and enjoyable holiday and a meaningful and Happy Christmas.

Keep those books coming

All books that have been borrowed from the library should be returned as soon as possible, so that we can prepare the shelves for the start of next year. Thanks so much to the parents, teachers and students who have already returned all of their books.

If books have been lost or misplaced, please contact the library and let us know of the situation.

Remember, if you can’t find books loaned to you, they should be payed for at the uniform shop and then the receipt brought to the library. We will then clear your loan and buy a replacement copy of the book or textbook lost.If you then find these books within six months, we will refund your money.

Thanks so much for your co-operation.

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It’s time to Return


Can you believe we are in Week 6 already?

We would really appreciate all library books  being returned this week. This will enable us to stock take, tidy and shelve in preparation for next year.

There will be no more borrowing  this year. Prep to Year 6 will be able to return their books during library lessons this week as usual but will not be able to borrow.

Please let us know if you are unable to find your library books or textbooks.

If you have lost any books, it would be greatly appreciated if you could pay the cost of replacement( as indicated on the Overdue Notice) as soon as possible to the Uniform Shop and then bring the receipt to the library. We will then clear your overdue notice from the system. If the book turns up within the next six months, we will refund you the money.

We would really appreciate your assistance.

New book Highlight

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Book 1 in a new series by comedian Rove McManus, who is the author AND illustrator, is available now in our library.


Hi! I’m Rocky Lobstar. I’m part boy, part lobster! Rocky is the star of Felidis Fabulous Sideshow Carnival. But the show cant go on without a crowd! Can Rocky and his friends come up with a plan to save the show? Or is he destined to live in some aquariums grotty touch pool?

Suitable for ages 7+

Let us know what you think!

New books

Did you miss out on a book that you really wanted from the Book Fair?

The library has purchased some awesome books that were at our Book Fair for you to borrow! Come in and ask if there’s one you particularly want.


Last week was a great week at William Carey……we celebrated Book Week!

The theme for this year was “Reading is my Superpower”.

Here in the library, we dressed as superheroes all week.

Did you see the library? It had a lot of great superhero displays.

The students in K-6 enjoyed having stories read to them by a “Mystery Teacher” after Recess each day . Thanks to the teachers who dressed up each day and made the experience so exciting for the students.

The Book Fair Arrived on Wednesday . We sold a lot of books which will enable us to purchase more for the library. Thank you.

The week ended with Grandparents Day and a Book Parade on Friday. We were blessed with beautiful weather. It was so nice to see so many Grandparents at school.

What a great week was Book Week 2019!

Welcome to Term 4

It’s Book Week!

So much is happening in the library this week.

The theme for Book Week this year is :


Mystery teachers will be reading around all Prep to Year 6 classes on Monday-Thursday.

Murray from Scholastic will be informing Years 3-6 of the great books that will be at the Book Fair this year on Tuesday.

The Book Fair arrives on Wednesday. ( Sales will commence on Friday but the Fair is open for viewing after it arrives.)

Grandparents Day is on Friday. All prep- Year 6 classes are encouraged to come dressed as a superhero or a book character for the Book Parade.

Don’t forget to pop into the library to see some
“Super” displays and the “Super” library staff who will be dressed for the theme all week!

Book Week

Here in the library we are busy making preparations for next term.

We will be celebrating BOOK WEEK straight after the holidays, in Week 1!

This year’s theme is “Reading is my Superpower”.

There will be so much happening ……..mystery teachers reading to classes every day, competitions, Book Fair and on Friday, a Book Parade!

We are asking that all students in Prep to Year 6, come to school on Friday of Week 1 dressed either in Superhero gear or as their favourite character from a book.

Don’t forget to drop into the library during Week 1 to see our “Super Librarians” and the “Super” displays we are preparing.

Have a great holiday everyone!