Last week was a great week at William Carey……we celebrated Book Week!

The theme for this year was “Reading is my Superpower”.

Here in the library, we dressed as superheroes all week.

Did you see the library? It had a lot of great superhero displays.

The students in K-6 enjoyed having stories read to them by a “Mystery Teacher” after Recess each day . Thanks to the teachers who dressed up each day and made the experience so exciting for the students.

The Book Fair Arrived on Wednesday . We sold a lot of books which will enable us to purchase more for the library. Thank you.

The week ended with Grandparents Day and a Book Parade on Friday. We were blessed with beautiful weather. It was so nice to see so many Grandparents at school.

What a great week was Book Week 2019!

Welcome to Term 4

It’s Book Week!

So much is happening in the library this week.

The theme for Book Week this year is :


Mystery teachers will be reading around all Prep to Year 6 classes on Monday-Thursday.

Murray from Scholastic will be informing Years 3-6 of the great books that will be at the Book Fair this year on Tuesday.

The Book Fair arrives on Wednesday. ( Sales will commence on Friday but the Fair is open for viewing after it arrives.)

Grandparents Day is on Friday. All prep- Year 6 classes are encouraged to come dressed as a superhero or a book character for the Book Parade.

Don’t forget to pop into the library to see some
“Super” displays and the “Super” library staff who will be dressed for the theme all week!

Book Week

Here in the library we are busy making preparations for next term.

We will be celebrating BOOK WEEK straight after the holidays, in Week 1!

This year’s theme is “Reading is my Superpower”.

There will be so much happening ……..mystery teachers reading to classes every day, competitions, Book Fair and on Friday, a Book Parade!

We are asking that all students in Prep to Year 6, come to school on Friday of Week 1 dressed either in Superhero gear or as their favourite character from a book.

Don’t forget to drop into the library during Week 1 to see our “Super Librarians” and the “Super” displays we are preparing.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Our Australian Girl series

“A Girl Like me in a time gone by”

Each story in the series is set in a particular era of Australian history and features a courageous girl whose adventures are told over four books.

The Characters:

Grace – 1808

Letty- 1841

Nellie- 1849

Rose 1900


Daisy-1930 / Ruby- 1930

Pearlie- 1941


Poppy- 1964

Marly- 1988

NOTE: The series as a whole doesn’t need to be read in order but each girl has four books in the sub-series and these should be read in sequence, starting with the “Meet the character book”.

Suitable for ages 8+

Holly Webb

Holly Webb is an English author who has written and published 100 children’s books to date. The stories in her Kitten and Puppy collection are uplifting and great for children who are just starting to read independently. They have very appealing front covers too!

The stories are written from the puppy or kitten’s point of view.

For ages 7-10 years.

Introducing 4D Books!

Add another dimension to print books! Capstone’s 4D app increases reader engagement and extends learning by adding augmented reality features to select Capstone print books.

When you find the Capstone 4D icon in these books by Sara Louise Kras, use the free app to scan the pages to see videos or bonus content related to the book.

It’s easy and fun!

All four of these books are available in our library.

A new Ninja Kid has arrived!

We have a very popular series by Anh Do , “Ninja Kid”.

Book 4 is now available in our library! It’s called “Amazing Ninja”

The CIRCUS is coming to town, and NELSON and his friends have a chance to be part of the show! 

Nelsons AMAZING NINJA SKILLS will be PERFECT! But what will NINJA Nelson do when BIG TROUBLE arrives at the BIG TOP!

Suitable for beginner and newly independent readers. Ages 7+