Copacabana School has a web site with lots of resources: Click on Class resources. There are lots of games and iPad apps.

Other Games Sites:

Maths Addition

Ordering Numbers

Spelling 1

Spelling 2

Singing the Phonic song:

Counting 1-10:

Counting 1-20:

Counting out loud

Counting backwards from 20:

Identify  the number: 11-20:

Rhyming game

Sight word Songs:




Other Sight word songs:

Maths Games: Count Me In


TERM 2-3


Greatest/ smallest number:


Click the most/least group. Mum or dad will have to help you read the instructions:

Click the most/least group

Tens and Ones:

Tens and Ones

Counting games:

How many fish


Measurement games:

Sorting heavy and light


A great site with lots of games. Levels are form Kindergarten to Year 12. You will need to pay to sign up.

Phonic Games:

Reading Eggs:

This is site has lots of great games. The children work through the levels at their own pace. You will need to pay to sign up.

Term 3:

Ordering number words:

Find the beginning/end sounds:

Ordering number words to twenty:

Ordering days of the week:

Writing: Comic strip maker


Term 4

Story maker:

Maths Games:

Matching the numeral to the word.

Christmas Maths games


Phonic Games:

Beginning and end sounds:

Ending blends:













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