Term 2 Week 8

Sean W Smith came to our school! He was amazing!



We were singing and dancing!

In Science and Technology, we were investigating ramps. We chose an object in the room and we had to find out if it can slide or roll.

IMG_3375 (Small)IMG_3376 (Small)IMG_3380 (Small)IMG_3381 (Small)IMG_3383 (Small)IMG_3384 (Small)IMG_3387 (Small)IMG_3388 (Small)

Our next investigation was to see if it rolls or slides further when the ramp is higher. We compared the two ramps.

IMG_3389 (Small)IMG_3391 (Small)IMG_3396 (Small)

In Mathematics:

Is it full, empty, half full or nearly full?

IMG_3118 (Small) IMG_3397 (Small)IMG_3398 (Small)IMG_3399 (Small)IMG_3400 (Small)IMG_3401 (Small)IMG_3402 (Small)IMG_3403 (Small)IMG_3404 (Small)IMG_3405 (Small)IMG_3406 (Small)



Term 2 Week 6

What a fabulous few weeks we have had!

In Science and Technology this week, we went to N1 for the Body Show. Mr McMullen and Mr White came with lots of interesting things to show us about how our body works.


Mr McMullen showed us ‘Anna’. We could see right inside her body.20160523_100010

Mr White talked to us about our bones. They help our body to stay up straight otherwise we would be just like a bean bag- all floppy!

20160523_100251 20160523_100344  20160523_100621

Mr McMullen said that our brain is protected by the skull.20160523_100721

Mr White talked to us about our muscles. He has HUGE Muscles! Our muscles help us to move.


We talked about our lungs. They are just like a big balloon. The air goes in and out.

20160523_102201 20160523_102224

In English, we are learning  that authors create a setting to tell us the ‘where and when’ of the story.

We drew all of the things that we would see at a party on balloons.

20160523_144303 20160523_144318 20160523_144313 20160523_144445 20160523_144528 20160523_144533 20160523_144715 20160523_144704 20160523_144729 20160523_145102 20160523_145135 20160523_145149 20160523_145214

It was the Fun Run! It didn’t rain! Isn’t God good!

We had a fantastic time!

20160526_140411  20160526_140452 20160526_140532  20160526_140821 20160526_140825 20160526_140847 20160526_140927  20160526_140941 20160526_141649 20160526_141705 20160526_141735 20160526_141817 20160526_141833 20160526_142005 20160526_142020 20160526_142033 20160526_143135

On Friday when we were in the Kindy Triangle, Mrs Belling had some tiny little chickens that she had just shown to the Playgroup children. They were so cute. We got to hold them. Some tried to get away.

20160527_095055 20160527_095109 20160527_095136 20160527_095345 20160527_095409

In History we are learning about how we celebrate different events. Here are some of our stories:















Term 2 Week 4

What an exciting week!

We had a visitor come to our school. His name was Uncle Steven. Uncle Steven is an aboriginal man. He talked to us about his life when he was a little boy. He also showed us some musical instruments.

img_6592 (Small)img_6594 (Small)img_6597 (Small)img_6595 (Small)

We watched a dreaming story on the Promethean board as well.

img_6598 (Small)

In History, we talked about the activities that we love doing with our Grandma or our Grandpa. Here are some stories that we told.


National Walk Safely to school Day:

Now in its 17th year, National Walk Safely to School Day (WSTSD) is an annual event when all Primary School children will be encouraged to walk and commute safely to school.

The event will be held throughout Australia on Friday 20 May 2016

This event helps raise awareness of Road Safety recommendations that:

  • Children up to eight years old should hold an adult’s hand on the footpath, in the car park, or when crossing the road; an adult is defined as a parent, caregiver, grandparent, sibling in high school or older, other relative or neighbour, or other adult as advised by the child’s parents/carers
  • Children up to ten years old should be actively supervised in the traffic environment and should hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road


At WCCS, we will be speaking to our K-2 students on Friday about Road Safety. Parents are encouraged also to have a conversation about Road Safety with their children to support this message, and , if possible, walk with their children either to or from school on Friday

Mrs Shaw




Term 2 Week 2

What a great start to term 2!!

In week 1 AFL  came to our school. We played lots of games and activities. It was great fun.


In Science and Technology this term we will be looking at the way things move. We tried to move our bodies in lots of different ways:

Don’t forget to give mum a BIG Kiss and hug for Mother’s day!

mothers-day-ss-1920 (1)


Term 1 Week 11

We had a visitor from Blue Hills. Mrs Nina came to our class to talk about her time in Kindergarten. She went to a very different school to us. We asked her lots of questions.

Thank you Mrs Nina for visiting our classroom!

In Buddies this week we created an artwork showing Hands of Friendship.

IMG_0358 (Small)IMG_0359 (Small)IMG_0361 (Small)IMG_0362 (Small)IMG_0363 (Small)IMG_0364 (Small)IMG_0365 (Small)IMG_0366 (Small)IMG_0367 - Copy (Small)IMG_0368 - Copy (Small)IMG_0369 - Copy (Small)IMG_0370 - Copy (Small)IMG_0371 (Small)IMG_0372 (Small)IMG_0373 (Small)IMG_0374 (Small)

We had a special treat to create a friend using the leftover craft from the visitors who came to our room for the Spotlight on Kindy.

We created very interesting friends!

IMG_0375 (Small) (3) - CopyIMG_0376 (Small)IMG_0377 (Small)IMG_0378 (Small)IMG_0379 - CopyIMG_0381 (Small)

In English we wrote a about activities in the Kindy Traingle. We used one of the ideas that authors use to make the story interesting.

IMG_3295 (Small)Rachel is jumping around the ladder.IMG_3297 (Small)Aiden is skipping around the Monkey bars.IMG_3299 (Small)Jovia is wobbling around the Monkey bars.

IMG_3300 (Small)Cristian is skipping around the tree.

IMG_3298 (Small)Yarni is swimming around the tree.

IMG_3296 (Small)Emily is crawling around the Monkey bars.

We researched for the dream holiday for kids on the iPads.






In music we have been learning to play the glockenspiel.


Have a fantastic holiday!

Listen to your mum and Dad and don’t drive them crazy!!!

happy face



Term 1 Week 8

The dance was fantastic! We had lots of fun. The music was great and we looked very bright, shiny and dazzling!

IMG_3138 (Small)IMG_3140 (Small)IMG_3141 (Small)IMG_3142 (Small)IMG_3152 (Small)

In Mathematics we have been hefting objects to see if it is heavy or light.

IMG_3154 (Small)IMG_3155 (Small)IMG_3156 (Small)IMG_3157 (Small)IMG_3158 (Small)IMG_3160 (Small)IMG_3161 (Small)IMG_3162 (Small)IMG_3163 (Small)

It was Bullying-No Way! week. We listened to a story to help us to be good friends.


After watching the video we drew a picture of ourselves being a good friend.

IMG_3173 (Small)IMG_3174 (Small)IMG_3175 (Small)

This week in Mathematics we measured to see if it was long of short.

IMG_3118 (Small)IMG_3119 (Small) (Small)IMG_3120 (Small)IMG_3121 (Small)IMG_3122 (Small)IMG_3123 (Small)IMG_3124 (Small)IMG_3125 (Small)IMG_3126 (Small)IMG_3127 (Small)IMG_3130 (Small)

We talked to our buddy about our pet. They interviewed us and we had to answer the questions.

IMG_3131 (Small)IMG_3132 (Small)IMG_3133 (Small)IMG_3134 (Small)IMG_3135 (Small)

Next week are are having a visitor from Blue Hills. We can’t wait to hear about their time in Kindergarten.



Term 1 Week 6

Kindergarten went to the bird incursion!

It was fabulous.

Mrs Hows brought some of the birds from the aviary to W block.

IMG_3103 (Small)IMG_2314 (Small)

IMG_3103 (Small)IMG_3107 (Small)

The birds eat a mixture of  seeds and vegetables.

IMG_3108 (Small)

Mrs Hows also brought baby birds. They were so cute!

IMG_3104 (Small)IMG_3105 (Small)IMG_3106 (Small)

They live in a special cage.

IMG_2340 (Small)

The birds sat on Mrs Hows’ shoulder. Sometimes they even nibbled in her ear. It was very funny!

IMG_3102 (Small)

This week in English we have been learning to write a sizzling start!




Do you know how to read a book? Here is a video showing you how to read a book.




Term 1 Week 4

We have a new ‘student’ in our class! Her name is Dollie. She has a uniform just like us.

Dollie joins us for for History. She is learning to make good choices in class. We are learning all about her family. Dollie has a mum and a dad, a baby brother and a big sister.

Dollies family

Here is more information about Dollie


We also have class pet- Rosie. Rosie loves to sleep in her basket while we are doing our work. We are learning about pets and their needs.



Next week  we are looking forward to our Bird incursion!