Monthly Archives: November 2016

Week 6 Term 4

In English we have been talking about opinions. We went into the Kindy Triangle and took photos of the equipment- our favorite and not so favourite.

Here are our opinions about the Kindy Triangle:


In Visual Arts we looked at artists who use multi media to create their artworks.

Kim Schuessler painted a picture using water colours. Then she completed her artwork by adding gems. Monica Button painted the background first before adding buttons to enhance her work.

We decided to use multi media to decorate our paper folders. First, we painted the background with water colours. When it was dry we drew a picture with black ink and  painted with water colours over the top. Lastly, we enhanced our artwork by adding sequence and buttons.




Term 4 Week 4

We had another fabulous week!

Year 10 girls came to our room to created an artwork. It was a secret!

When it was finished it was a big thank you card for our teacher. On the outside of the card we painted our handprints.


On the inside of the card, we wrote our name on a butterfly and it was glued onto the page.


What a beautiful idea. Our teacher was very pleased with the fantastic card!

On Wednesday it was Movie day!


We went to the Library and watched the movie while eating popcorn. What did you enjoy the most about the movie?


Prep came up to big school to join us for sport! the Parachute gems were hilarious. We love  the parachute games the best!


Prep really enjoyed joining us for sport? What was your favourite activity?