Term 3 Week 4

This week in Geography we mapped out the Kindy Triangle by drawing one of the items in the area on the iPads. Back in the classroom we had to put the iPads on the floor, in the correct position that we would find the item in the Kindy triangle.

IMG_3480 (Small) IMG_3481 (Small)

We celebrated Science Week, by making a paper plane. After we had practiced folding and throwing our paper plane, we went to W1 to see who could throw their paper plane the furtherest.

IMG_3486 (Small)IMG_3487 (Small)IMG_3489 (Small)

IMG_3492 (Small)

We got a certificate if our plane came first, second or third.

On Thursday we went to the Turner Field to watch Mr Post show us his drones. He had big ones and little ones.

IMG_3505 (Small)

Mr Post flew his drones over the oval. He can do lots of fantastic tricks!

IMG_3495 (Small)IMG_3496 (Small)IMG_3500 (Small)IMG_3503 (Small)


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