Term 3 Week 2

What a fantastic start to the term! In Geography we will be looking at places that are special to us. We walked around the playground to find some of those special places at school.

IMG_3420 (Small)IMG_3421 (Small)IMG_3422 (Small)IMG_3423 (Small)IMG_3424 (Small)IMG_3425 (Small)IMG_3427 (Small)IMG_3428 (Small) IMG_3429 (Small)

Do you have a special place?

In English, we will be talking about retelling stories. There are lots of ways to retell a story. We began with retelling a story about a very hungry caterpillar by just using pictures.

IMG_3430 (Small)IMG_3431 (Small)IMG_3432 (Small)

On Friday it was National Tree day! We created a tree using craft materials.

IMG_3447 (Small)

Mr Ben showed us how to plant a tree. We got to plant our very own class tree. Now we can watch it grow!

IMG_3434 (Small)IMG_3435 (Small)IMG_3438 (Small)IMG_3441 (Small)IMG_3444 (Small)

Afterwards, we went to the garden bed near the hall to plant an imaginary tree- a leaf! Will it grow too?

IMG_3445 (Small)

Next week we will be having our Kindy BBQ!



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