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Term 2 Week 8

Sean W Smith came to our school! He was amazing!


We were singing and dancing!

In Science and Technology, we were investigating ramps. We chose an object in the room and we had to find out if it can slide or roll.

IMG_3375 (Small)IMG_3376 (Small)IMG_3380 (Small)IMG_3381 (Small)IMG_3383 (Small)IMG_3384 (Small)IMG_3387 (Small)IMG_3388 (Small)

Our next investigation was to see if it rolls or slides further when the ramp is higher. We compared the two ramps.

IMG_3389 (Small)IMG_3391 (Small)IMG_3396 (Small)

In Mathematics:

Is it full, empty, half full or nearly full?

IMG_3118 (Small) IMG_3397 (Small)IMG_3398 (Small)IMG_3399 (Small)IMG_3400 (Small)IMG_3401 (Small)IMG_3402 (Small)IMG_3403 (Small)IMG_3404 (Small)IMG_3405 (Small)IMG_3406 (Small)



Term 2 Week 6

What a fabulous few weeks we have had!

In Science and Technology this week, we went to N1 for the Body Show. Mr McMullen and Mr White came with lots of interesting things to show us about how our body works.


Mr McMullen showed us ‘Anna’. We could see right inside her body.20160523_100010

Mr White talked to us about our bones. They help our body to stay up straight otherwise we would be just like a bean bag- all floppy!

20160523_100251 20160523_100344  20160523_100621

Mr McMullen said that our brain is protected by the skull.20160523_100721

Mr White talked to us about our muscles. He has HUGE Muscles! Our muscles help us to move.


We talked about our lungs. They are just like a big balloon. The air goes in and out.

20160523_102201 20160523_102224

In English, we are learning  that authors create a setting to tell us the ‘where and when’ of the story.

We drew all of the things that we would see at a party on balloons.

20160523_144303 20160523_144318 20160523_144313 20160523_144445 20160523_144528 20160523_144533 20160523_144715 20160523_144704 20160523_144729 20160523_145102 20160523_145135 20160523_145149 20160523_145214

It was the Fun Run! It didn’t rain! Isn’t God good!

We had a fantastic time!

20160526_140411  20160526_140452 20160526_140532  20160526_140821 20160526_140825 20160526_140847 20160526_140927  20160526_140941 20160526_141649 20160526_141705 20160526_141735 20160526_141817 20160526_141833 20160526_142005 20160526_142020 20160526_142033 20160526_143135

On Friday when we were in the Kindy Triangle, Mrs Belling had some tiny little chickens that she had just shown to the Playgroup children. They were so cute. We got to hold them. Some tried to get away.

20160527_095055 20160527_095109 20160527_095136 20160527_095345 20160527_095409

In History we are learning about how we celebrate different events. Here are some of our stories: