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Term 1 Week 11

We had a visitor from Blue Hills. Mrs Nina came to our class to talk about her time in Kindergarten. She went to a very different school to us. We asked her lots of questions.

Thank you Mrs Nina for visiting our classroom!

In Buddies this week we created an artwork showing Hands of Friendship.

IMG_0358 (Small)IMG_0359 (Small)IMG_0361 (Small)IMG_0362 (Small)IMG_0363 (Small)IMG_0364 (Small)IMG_0365 (Small)IMG_0366 (Small)IMG_0367 - Copy (Small)IMG_0368 - Copy (Small)IMG_0369 - Copy (Small)IMG_0370 - Copy (Small)IMG_0371 (Small)IMG_0372 (Small)IMG_0373 (Small)IMG_0374 (Small)

We had a special treat to create a friend using the leftover craft from the visitors who came to our room for the Spotlight on Kindy.

We created very interesting friends!

IMG_0375 (Small) (3) - CopyIMG_0376 (Small)IMG_0377 (Small)IMG_0378 (Small)IMG_0379 - CopyIMG_0381 (Small)

In English we wrote a about activities in the Kindy Traingle. We used one of the ideas that authors use to make the story interesting.

IMG_3295 (Small)Rachel is jumping around the ladder.IMG_3297 (Small)Aiden is skipping around the Monkey bars.IMG_3299 (Small)Jovia is wobbling around the Monkey bars.

IMG_3300 (Small)Cristian is skipping around the tree.

IMG_3298 (Small)Yarni is swimming around the tree.

IMG_3296 (Small)Emily is crawling around the Monkey bars.

We researched for the dream holiday for kids on the iPads.

In music we have been learning to play the glockenspiel.


Have a fantastic holiday!

Listen to your mum and Dad and don’t drive them crazy!!!

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