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Term 1 Week 8

The dance was fantastic! We had lots of fun. The music was great and we looked very bright, shiny and dazzling!

IMG_3138 (Small)IMG_3140 (Small)IMG_3141 (Small)IMG_3142 (Small)IMG_3152 (Small)

In Mathematics we have been hefting objects to see if it is heavy or light.

IMG_3154 (Small)IMG_3155 (Small)IMG_3156 (Small)IMG_3157 (Small)IMG_3158 (Small)IMG_3160 (Small)IMG_3161 (Small)IMG_3162 (Small)IMG_3163 (Small)

It was Bullying-No Way! week. We listened to a story to help us to be good friends.

After watching the video we drew a picture of ourselves being a good friend.

IMG_3173 (Small)IMG_3174 (Small)IMG_3175 (Small)

This week in Mathematics we measured to see if it was long of short.

IMG_3118 (Small)IMG_3119 (Small) (Small)IMG_3120 (Small)IMG_3121 (Small)IMG_3122 (Small)IMG_3123 (Small)IMG_3124 (Small)IMG_3125 (Small)IMG_3126 (Small)IMG_3127 (Small)IMG_3130 (Small)

We talked to our buddy about our pet. They interviewed us and we had to answer the questions.

IMG_3131 (Small)IMG_3132 (Small)IMG_3133 (Small)IMG_3134 (Small)IMG_3135 (Small)

Next week are are having a visitor from Blue Hills. We can’t wait to hear about their time in Kindergarten.



Term 1 Week 6

Kindergarten went to the bird incursion!

It was fabulous.

Mrs Hows brought some of the birds from the aviary to W block.

IMG_3103 (Small)IMG_2314 (Small)

IMG_3103 (Small)IMG_3107 (Small)

The birds eat a mixture of  seeds and vegetables.

IMG_3108 (Small)

Mrs Hows also brought baby birds. They were so cute!

IMG_3104 (Small)IMG_3105 (Small)IMG_3106 (Small)

They live in a special cage.

IMG_2340 (Small)

The birds sat on Mrs Hows’ shoulder. Sometimes they even nibbled in her ear. It was very funny!

IMG_3102 (Small)

This week in English we have been learning to write a sizzling start!




Do you know how to read a book? Here is a video showing you how to read a book.