Term 4 Week 8

We are trying to persuade Mr Burgess to include some equipment for our ideal playground:








Please, Mr Burgess can we have some of these in our playground?

It was the buddy BBQ today!

Yummy! Thank you year 6 for your help this year!


In class, we have also begun coding. We used the iPads to make the Sphero ball knock down the cups.

Well done KB!


Week 6 Term 4

In English we have been talking about opinions. We went into the Kindy Triangle and took photos of the equipment- our favorite and not so favourite.

Here are our opinions about the Kindy Triangle:









In Visual Arts we looked at artists who use multi media to create their artworks.

Kim Schuessler painted a picture using water colours. Then she completed her artwork by adding gems. Monica Button painted the background first before adding buttons to enhance her work.

We decided to use multi media to decorate our paper folders. First, we painted the background with water colours. When it was dry we drew a picture with black ink and  painted with water colours over the top. Lastly, we enhanced our artwork by adding sequence and buttons.




Term 4 Week 4

We had another fabulous week!

Year 10 girls came to our room to created an artwork. It was a secret!

When it was finished it was a big thank you card for our teacher. On the outside of the card we painted our handprints.


On the inside of the card, we wrote our name on a butterfly and it was glued onto the page.


What a beautiful idea. Our teacher was very pleased with the fantastic card!

On Wednesday it was Movie day!


We went to the Library and watched the movie while eating popcorn. What did you enjoy the most about the movie?


Prep came up to big school to join us for sport! the Parachute gems were hilarious. We love  the parachute games the best!


Prep really enjoyed joining us for sport? What was your favourite activity?

Term 4 Week 2

Welcome back to term 4!

This week it was Book week. The teachers all dressed up and we had a mystery teacher come to our room to read to us.


Book week in the Library!


On Friday, we had Mega day. Our parents and grandparents were invited to school. It was a great day!



Term 3 Week 9

It is the last week of term!!! Everyone is looking forward to the holidays.holidays

We made kites using tissue paper, straws, crepe paper and string. Then we went to Turner Field to fly our kites. It was a windy day.


Have a fantastic holiday and…

Don’t drive your mum and dad crazy!!!


Term 3 Week 8

In Geography we looked at our very own special place. Here are some of our thoughts:

My special place is my bedroom because it has my bed in it and I feel safe there. I also have my mum who makes me feel safe as well. Jessica


My special place is my bed because it is quiet and comfortable there. It has lots of books and I get to read. Sebastian


My special place is my home because it is comfortable and warm. I can play with my friends and cousins there. Christian S


My special place is my bed because it has lots of toys near it. Aiden


My special place is at home. You can lay down and watch TV there.  Miranda


My special place is my garage because I can exercise there. Mikayla


My special place is the house because it is safe to live there. Rhiya


My lounge room is a special place to me because I get to play monkey games there. I also play gorilla games and I use rockets to catch them. Edward


My special place is the bedroom because it is warm and cosy. Nicolas


My special place is the park because you can have lots of fun there. Christabelle


My special place is home because you can have fun there. Jake


My special place is the park because there are things that are good to play on in the park. You can run in the grass there. Jovia


My special place is home because I like being there. Aleksandar


My special place is a box at home. I like to hide in it. William


My special place is the bedroom because it is safe there. Christian C


My special place is the classroom. I can learn to be a good learner. I can listen and look, that is how I can be a fantastic learner. I like to learn. Rachel


My home is a special place to me because I can balance on my bed and play with my toys. Emily


My special place is my bedroom because it has a place to sleep there. Sasha


My special place is Turner Field because I like running and playing with a ball. Yarni


Term 3 Week 6 Part A

In Science, we created a weather gauge. This is what you will need to make a wind gauge.





This is how the gauge will work:


In Geography we have been looking at our special place. We have special place at school:








Term 3 Week 6 Part B

It was the Olympic Games P-2 Sport Carnival! We all dressed in our country colours.It was a great Day! The rain came in the morning just as we were about to start and then it stopped! Isn’t God wonderful! We had a fabulous day!20160825_091238 (Small)20160825_091254 (Small)

We used verbs to describe the olympics.







In Science we designed and made a wind gauge. We used a plastic bag, streamers, stickers and string to make the wind gauge. When it was finished we went up to the Tennis courts to test our wind gauges.

It is Father’s day on Sunday. Happy Father’s Day!

fathers day

Term 3 Week 4

This week in Geography we mapped out the Kindy Triangle by drawing one of the items in the area on the iPads. Back in the classroom we had to put the iPads on the floor, in the correct position that we would find the item in the Kindy triangle.

IMG_3480 (Small) IMG_3481 (Small)

We celebrated Science Week, by making a paper plane. After we had practiced folding and throwing our paper plane, we went to W1 to see who could throw their paper plane the furtherest.

IMG_3486 (Small)IMG_3487 (Small)IMG_3489 (Small)

IMG_3492 (Small)

We got a certificate if our plane came first, second or third.

On Thursday we went to the Turner Field to watch Mr Post show us his drones. He had big ones and little ones.

IMG_3505 (Small)

Mr Post flew his drones over the oval. He can do lots of fantastic tricks!

IMG_3495 (Small)IMG_3496 (Small)IMG_3500 (Small)IMG_3503 (Small)


Term 3 Week 2

What a fantastic start to the term! In Geography we will be looking at places that are special to us. We walked around the playground to find some of those special places at school.

IMG_3420 (Small)IMG_3421 (Small)IMG_3422 (Small)IMG_3423 (Small)IMG_3424 (Small)IMG_3425 (Small)IMG_3427 (Small)IMG_3428 (Small) IMG_3429 (Small)

Do you have a special place?

In English, we will be talking about retelling stories. There are lots of ways to retell a story. We began with retelling a story about a very hungry caterpillar by just using pictures.

IMG_3430 (Small)IMG_3431 (Small)IMG_3432 (Small)

On Friday it was National Tree day! We created a tree using craft materials.

IMG_3447 (Small)

Mr Ben showed us how to plant a tree. We got to plant our very own class tree. Now we can watch it grow!

IMG_3434 (Small)IMG_3435 (Small)IMG_3438 (Small)IMG_3441 (Small)IMG_3444 (Small)

Afterwards, we went to the garden bed near the hall to plant an imaginary tree- a leaf! Will it grow too?

IMG_3445 (Small)

Next week we will be having our Kindy BBQ!