Party Day!

Wow!  What an amazing day we had today!  Today was our KG party day and it was filled with so many awesome activities.  We put all the tables together to make one big class table.  We made party glasses and cool puppets, played with lots of different water activities and enjoyed eating together for the class party.  After lunch, Miss Grinsell gave us each a present.  We spent some time enjoying the gifts together and thinking of all the lovely memories we share.  It has been a wonderful year in KG!

KG Awards

Yesterday KG got a lovely surprise from Ryan.  Ryan had a busy weekend filled with lots of writing!  He wrote an award for each person in our class and filled all our buckets.  It was a lovely time watching everyone receive their special awards.  Thanks, Ryan!

Some videos of KG

KG wanted to share some things we’ve been doing in the past few days.  We LOVE the game Tower of Power and we are so good at identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives.  Have a listen for our unique team names…we came up with them ourselves!

We’ve been listening to some relaxing music during our Spelling and Handwriting time.  It helps us to concentrate and relax while we work hard at learning new things.

We wanted to share one of our favourite Go Noodle dances with everyone.  Dancing is an awesome way to get our bodies moving in between lessons!

Telling the Time

KG used the app ‘Shadow Puppet’ to share everything we knew about telling time.  We first took photos of different times on analogue clocks and then used Shadow Puppet to narrate the photos.  We then shared the creations to our SeeSaw classroom and reflected on our learning.  We hope you enjoy our slideshows!









KG wanted to share one of our favourite songs at the moment with everyone on the blog.  We sing it in the morning to start our day in a cheerful way.  We love it!


Phonics Groups

KG LOVE Thursday mornings as we have wonderful parent helpers come in and enjoy some phonics activities with us.  We have a great time learning and practising our phonics.  Today’s games were based on different word families and also our spelling lists.  We are getting so good at reading and writing words!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After lunch, we tried something new for Visual Arts.  We learnt how to draw a minion using only letters and numbers!  We learnt it from a YouTube channel called Muffalo Potato.  It was a fantastic way to practise the skills of following instructions and drawing.  We loved it!  Here are some that you might like to try at home:


Remembrance Day

Today KG spent time commemorating Remembrance Day and learning what it means for us living in Australia.  We made poppies as a class and joined the whole school in a minute of silence at 11am. We are grateful to live in a country where we are free to learn and grow freely in God’s beautiful creation.

Our Item

KG presented our very own news broadcast at the K-2 assembly today.  We have been planning it together and creating it as a class.  We’ve had some awesome ideas!  We wanted to share some exciting things we’ve been doing in our classroom in an interesting way.  We hope you love watching the KG news!


For Science this week, KG used the app ‘Tellagami’ to describe some useful features of our lunchboxes.  We have been learning that items are designed to make our lives easier and soon we will have a turn at designing our own lunchboxes with some cool features we think would be useful.

To make a Tellagami we first needed to design our character (or Gami), take a photo for the background and then record our voices.  We think we did an amazing job for our first try!

We had a fun time using Kahoot to play an addition game.  We are getting really fast at adding numbers together!

It was lovely to see our Year 10 visitors again with our finished artwork.  They turned our painting into a card that we gave Miss Grinsell.  She was surprised and touched by our gift.  It really filled her bucket!

Sight Word Games

Today KG had a wonderful time playing some sight word games as a class.  The first game we played was sight word jump, one of our favourites.  Miss Grinsell hands a sight word card to each person in the class.  She then says sight words out loud and we have to jump if she says the word we are holding.  If we forget to jump when our word is said we sit down.  It’s a great game for practising sight words and also to help our listening and concentration skills.

We also had a game of around the world which ended in a crazy way.  Usually, the person who says the word the fastest gets to move on to verse another player.  Today was different because everyone kept tying with each other!  We ended up with the entire class winning the game!! It was very exciting!

Our Year 10 visitors

KG had a very special time this morning.  A pastoral care group from year 10 decided they wanted to do an act of kindness for KG and spent some time creating a cool artwork with us.  We had a lovely time chatting with them and each other.  They said we were a beautiful class and loved their time with us.  We love that we go to a school where the older kids are so kind and generous with their time!  They really filled up our buckets!