Party Day!

Wow!  What an amazing day we had today!  Today was our KG party day and it was filled with so many awesome activities.  We put all the tables together to make one big class table.  We made party glasses and cool puppets, played with lots of different water activities and enjoyed eating together for the class party.  After lunch, Miss Grinsell gave us each a present.  We spent some time enjoying the gifts together and thinking of all the lovely memories we share.  It has been a wonderful year in KG!

2 thoughts on “Party Day!

  1. Thank you very much for the amazing year Miss Grinsell. You’ve made their kindergarten year a memorable one. As parents we have no words to appreciate your effort. you are not only a asset to school but to the whole industry.William Carey is very lucky to have such wonderful ,dedicated, passionate professionals.
    Please pass our gratitude to all the teachers who made our little ones days enjoyable and memorable.

    The Most Admired Teacher

    The most admired teacher
    Would be caring, kind and smart.
    She’d always have her students’
    Best interests in her heart.

    She’d help them love to learn.
    Her lessons would be clear.
    She’d motivate with praise,
    And always be sincere.

    She’d be upbeat and supportive,
    And a great role model too.
    She’d be the perfect teacher;
    She’d be just like you!

    By Joanna Fuchs


  2. So beautiful.i can’t thank you enough Miss Grinsell for a fantastic year. I think I’ve shed a bucket of tears (happy and sad) in the last few days. So many happy memories but sad to say goodbye.

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