Book Week: Mystery Location

KG have had a wonderful week!  This week we have been having a surprise teacher visit our room and read to us every day as part of Book Week.  The teachers have been been all dressed up to match the book week theme ‘Australia: Story Country’.  On Thursday, instead of a surprise teacher, we had a mystery destination!  We got to open to the surprise package and read the letter attached.  Our mystery destination was the school tennis courts.  KG set off to the destination to read the books that we found inside the package.  It was so much fun!

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On Wednesday. we spent time creating solutions to Maths problems using ‘Art Maker’.  We thought it would be a wonderful idea to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while we worked.  It was a very relaxing time doing some Maths outside.  Stay tunes, Miss Grinsell will be posting our creations next week!

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