Book Week: Mystery Location

KG have had a wonderful week!  This week we have been having a surprise teacher visit our room and read to us every day as part of Book Week.  The teachers have been been all dressed up to match the book week theme ‘Australia: Story Country’.  On Thursday, instead of a surprise teacher, we had a mystery destination!  We got to open to the surprise package and read the letter attached.  Our mystery destination was the school tennis courts.  KG set off to the destination to read the books that we found inside the package.  It was so much fun!

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On Wednesday. we spent time creating solutions to Maths problems using ‘Art Maker’.  We thought it would be a wonderful idea to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while we worked.  It was a very relaxing time doing some Maths outside.  Stay tunes, Miss Grinsell will be posting our creations next week!

We made GIFs!

KG had their very first attempt at making GIFs today!  We were so excited.  We made GIFs to show people how to look after our special place – the KG classroom.

We had to take a series of photos and then the app ‘Giffy’ links them together into one continuous story.  We think they are a great way of sharing our knowledge with others!  We hope you enjoy our ideas for ways of making sure our classroom remains a safe and special place!

Be a caring friend

Put books away

Put pom poms away

Put books away #2

Put pencils away 

Keep tables clean

Put glue sticks away

Be a caring friend #2

Tuck chairs in

Turn off the tap

Be a caring friend #3

Put pencils away #2

Put pencils away #3

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and time with their family.

We have had a great start to Term 4!  We are working on building our stamina during our morning sessions, ready for Year 1!

We spend time working on our handwriting, spelling and then we work on whiteboards.  We are getting really good at working independently and concentrating until we finish our work.  Check out our concentration this morning:

In Geography, we are learning about the importance of caring for special places.  We decided our classroom is a special place that needs to be cared for.  We had some students mess it up to see what it would feel like if our classroom was messy and not cared for.  We decided it wouldn’t be a nice place to learn!  It would be hard to concentrate and unsafe to move around the room.  We very quickly cleaned it up and returned it normal!

We then worked on some posters with lots of ideas for how to care for our classroom.

It is very important to care for our special places in our lives.