KG would like to welcome Akarsh to our class family.  It was wonderful to meet you today Akarsh and we had lots of fun playing with you!  We hope you had a great first day.

We enjoyed some time playing as a class family this afternoon during Developmental Play.  Check out the fun photos 🙂


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We also had a wonderful time celebrating Leon’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Leon.  The cupcakes were delicious!

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Equal and Unequal Groups

KG have been investigating equal and unequal groups in Maths.  We spent time problem solving today and figuring out how we could turn 2 unequal groups into 2 equal groups.  We made these posters using Pic Kids to show everyone what we learnt.  We think they will look great hanging up in our classroom!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the K-2 Mini Olympics Sports Carnival.  It’s going to be an awesome day!  Make sure you come dressed in your colours ready for lots of fun 🙂



Making a Class Map

In our Geography unit, KG have been talking about special places.  Today we worked together to make a class map of the Kindy Triangle, a special place we all love.  We first went outside and made a list of all the important features in the Kindy Triangle.  We then took an iPad and a feature and used ‘chalkpad’ to create a drawing for the map.  We laid out all the iPads to make an awesome class map!  We think it looks cool.  We spent some time walking through the map and looking at all the nice drawings.

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This morning we spent time exploring nouns and verbs and enjoyed the game Tower of Power together.  Miss Grinsell says a word to each team, the team discusses together to figure out whether it is a noun or a verb.  If we get the answer right we get to move up the Tower of Power.  Today it was a tie!  Everyone in KG got to celebrate with the special Tower of Power champion dance 🙂

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Paper Planes

Yesterday KG participated in the Young Scientist Paper Plane competition as part of National Science Week.  We spent time in class making our planes, testing our planes and then used them in the competition.  Congratulations to our class winners who received special certificates for their efforts.  We had a wonderful time!

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After lunch we did some research into rain and how it forms.  We spent time on the iPads collecting information with a friend.  Miss Grinsell gave us the chance to teach KG sometime new about rain and we loved sitting on the teacher chair!  Each of us had interesting facts about rain and we loved learning from each other!

Miss Grinsell thinks we make great teachers 🙂

Here is our clean up song for packing up at the end of activities.  We wanted to share it with everyone!

Special Places

As part of our Geography unit this term, KG have been investigating special places in our lives.  This week we went exploring in our school to find places that are special and places we feel safe.  We used the iPads to take photos of the special places and then used PicKids to create some awesome posters.  It was a beautiful winter’s day and the photos look beautiful with the bright blue sky!

We had a wonderful time at the Kindy BBQ on Wednesday.  It was nice to spend time as a class family enjoying some delicious food.

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We have been enjoying the Olympics and celebrating the medals Australia has won so far.  We made some cool collage posters and made some videos to encourage the Australian athletes.

We love using SeeSaw to record our learning in a special journal on the iPad.  This week we spent time ordering numbers from smallest to largest.  We took photos of our work and shared them with our friends.  It was great to see the work of others and give them some feedback.

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The KG Olympic Stars

Yesterday KG had an Olympic themed developmental play.  We have been enjoying learning about the Olympics and celebrating all of Australia’s medals.

We used the green screen to create our own Olympic moments.  We hope you enjoy spotting Australia’s latest sporting stars 🙂

The Daily 5

KG wanted to share with everyone how well we are going with the Daily 5.  We have developed our concentration stamina and now spend about 10 minutes at each of the 5 activities.  It is a wonderful time for us to work hard, learn new things and enjoy reading.  Miss Grinsell is able to work with small groups of students and teach them new and exciting things.

Slipper Day

Yesterday KG had a great time in our slippers!  It was slipper day and the perfect weather to be wearing slippers in the classroom.  We were very comfortable!

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This week we have had a wonderful time working on our retelling skills.  After the fun of crawling through the ‘retelling tunnel’ we moved on to making a ‘retelling road’.  We drew a road and the events of The Very Hungry Caterpillar on a large piece of paper.  We then spent time walking along the roads, retelling the story as we went.  Next week we will take our Year 6 buddies for a walk along our roads and retell the story to them!

In Maths, we have been learning to add numbers together by counting on from the biggest number.  We used playing cards to practise this strategy.  It was great to work in groups and share our discoveries as we worked with the cards and whiteboards.  Miss Grinsell is very proud of how well we work together!

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