Plant a Tree Day

Today is National Plant a Tree Day and KG have been having fun learning all about trees.  We have spent some time investigating different types of trees and what they are useful for.  After recess, Mr Ben helped us plant our very own class tree!  He said it would grow to be about 1m tall and we would be able to see it in the garden for many years to come.

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After lunch we used paper bags and tissue paper to create tree sculptures.  We made all different types of trees using lots of different colours.  When they are all together they make a beautiful KG garden.  We love trees and the amazing ways they help us!

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Retelling a Story

This Term, KG will be learning to retell a story in the right order.  Today we read the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and thought of all the important events that happen in the story.  We stuck pictures of these events to some hoops and created a ‘retelling tunnel’.  We made sure the hoops were in the right order and then crawled through, retelling the story as we went.  It was so much fun in the tunnel!

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We then spent time writing an event down in our journals.  Miss Grinsell is very proud of our writing and thinks it is improving each day.

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Welcome back to Term 3!

KG had a wonderful afternoon doing Kahoot quizzes.  They are so much fun!  Miss Grinsell puts the quiz on the board and we sign in using the number on the screen.  We then enter a nickname and wait for the questions to start.  Each question has four answers listed.  We use our iPads to choose the answer we think is correct.  Once everyone has entered the correct answer is revealed and it moves on to another question.  Today we did 2 spelling quizzes where a picture was on the board and we had to find the correct spelling.  Miss Grinsell was so proud to see all teams getting the answers correct!

Congratulations to today’s winners Leon, Ella and Ryan.

We love Kahoot!

Today we also spent time exploring numbers.  Miss Grinsell gave us a boys vs. girls challenge to see which team could find the most pairs of dominoes with the same value.  It was a tie!

It’s going to be another fantastic term!