Changing the setting

Today during our English lesson, KG spent time talking about the setting of stories.  We thought about the 3 Little Pigs and where the story is set.  We thought it would be fun to change the setting of the story to see how it might also change the characters and events.

We had a fun time acting out our new creation “The KG kids and the Big Bad Teacher”.  Miss Grinsell was the teacher trying to huff and puff our houses down.  We built our houses out of pencils, books and chairs.  In the end the KG kids were safe in the house of chairs as the Big Bad Teacher was unable to blow it down!  We love acting out new stories!

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This morning Miss Grinsell was so proud of our flexible choices!  The Promethean Board wasn’t working properly so none of our morning routine songs had any sound.  We suggested to Miss Grinsell that we could sing a song without the music.  We did a fantastic job at remembering all the words!  Miss Grinsell thought it was very sweet 🙂

Roll or slide?

Today in Science, KG spent time figuring out if objects roll or slide.  Miss Grinsell let us use any objects in the classroom to build a ramp.  We then used our ramps to test if objects would roll or slide.  We recorded our discoveries in our Science journals.

KG loves to use See Saw on the iPad as a way of sharing our discoveries with Miss Grinsell and each other.  We used the draw and record feature to share an item we found that rolls and an item we found that slides.  We wrote, drew and recorded our voices to share our findings.

Here are some examples of our SeeSaw creations:



KG Discoveries 1

KG Discoveries 2

KG Discoveries 3


Our Item

Today KG did an item at the K-2 assembly.  We did an AMAZING job and Miss Grinsell is so proud of us!!

We hope you enjoy watching it!

We filled the bucket again!

KG have had a fantastic day!!  We are such a kind class and managed to fill the class bucket again!  We filled it very quickly with all of our kind words and actions.  We now have 6 crabs living in our special crab shelter.  We were so excited to meet our newest addition.  We set up a crab playground using Lego and let the crabs crawl around and enjoy it.

Yesterday we were supposed to perform our item at the K-2 assembly.  Unfortunately it got rescheduled so we didn’t perform.  The good news is it gives us another week to keep working on our singing and dancing!  Enjoy the sneak peaks of our item below 🙂

See you all tomorrow at Brickfest!

Our Assembly Item

Today is the day KG are performing at the K-2 assembly.  This assembly is not one that parents attend…it’s a smaller assembly that happens for Kindergarten. Year 1 and Year 2 students.  Miss Grinsell will film KG performing today and post it onto the blog this afternoon so that everyone can enjoy our wonderful performance.  We are so excited!  We can’t wait for you to watch it on the blog and let us know what you think 🙂

We hope everyone has a great day!