We’ve been a very busy class!

KG have had a wonderful time together over the past week.  We had a wonderful time at the Fun Run!  It was great to spend time moving and being active with all of our friends.  Thanks to Mrs Wheeler for the awesome photos.

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In History, we have been talking about the different ways our families celebrate important events.  We drew pictures of our birthday celebrations on balloons and shared them with our friends.  It was lots of fun!  They look wonderful hanging up in our classroom.

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Last week we were working on the sound ‘oo’.  We spent time creating posters with all the ‘oo’ words we could think of.  Miss Grinsell was amazed at how well we are sounding out and writing words.  She is super proud of us!

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In Science we have been investigating things that move.  We did some research on the iPads and Miss Grinsell taught us how to save images from Google to use in other apps.  We used the images to create posters in Pic Art and had lots of fun decorating and displaying our ideas.  We did an amazing job as there were lots of different steps to follow to create the posters.  We hope you like them!




Our Grandparents

Last week KG did some amazing work in Art.  We created pictures of our grandparents.  We took time and care to add lots of details to our drawings.  Miss Grinsell is so proud of us and think the pictures look fantastic!

We hope you like them too.

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Today Mr McMullen and Mr White did a special show for Kindergarten all about the body.  They taught as interesting facts about our skeletons, our muscles and our lungs.  We had a fun time watching the show and learnt a lot!

Musical Sight Words

Yesterday KG enjoyed a new game called ‘musical sight words’.  We each brought our chairs to the mat and set it up like a game of musical chairs.  Miss Grinsell placed a sight word on each chair and started the music.  Everytime the music started we danced around all the chairs.  When the music stopped we found a chair, sat down and read the sight word.  We loved dancing and learning!  We had 2 very excited winners and we were all were great sports.  We celebrated with the winners and shook their hands to congratulate them.  What a fun time!


We are so cute!

A very short post to share something special that happened in our room today.  We spent some time working at our desks creating our own mind maps in our Science journals.  We are learning about how things move and Miss Grinsell asked us to write down as many things that move as we could.  We did an AMAZING job of recording our own ideas and sounding out lots of tricky words.  After we finished, she asked us to find a friend to share our ideas with.  Instead of finding one friend to share with, KG decided that we wanted to be one big group of friends sharing ideas!  Miss Grinsell thought it was very cute when she saw us choosing to be all together as a big group of friends!  We even took our pencils to the floor and were adding each others’ cool ideas to our own mind maps.  We are a wonderful class family and love learning together each day!  Learning is fantastic when you have your friends by your side to help and encourage you.  We love KG!

IMG_0801 IMG_0799

Developmental Play

KG had lots of fun in developmental play this afternoon.  We rotated through 5 different activities and had a great time!  Our favourite activity today was the KG ice cream shop.  We took turns ordering and serving ice creams using cotton balls for ice cream, pom poms for cherries, buttons for choc chips and beads for sprinkles.  We even designed some signs for our shop.  We also did some construction outside, a Lego building challenge, collage making and Numicon picture building.  It was a busy afternoon!

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In class this week, Miss Grinsell is teaching us how to add things to our digital portfolios using an app called ‘SeeSaw’.  We love adding things to our individual journals as Miss Grinsell gets to have a look at our learning even when she is working with another group.  Every time we add our work, she gets a notification on her iPad.

We added some recordings to our journals during the Daily 5 today.  We are getting really good at blending sounds together to read words!  Click on the links below to see us working on the activity ‘secret word’.  We had to figure out the first sound of each picture and add that letter to the card.  Once all three sounds had been discovered we blended them together to figure out the secret word.  See if you recognise some of our voices 🙂

Secret Word

Secret Word 2

Secret Word 3

Secret Word 4

Secret Word 5

Secret Word 6

Secret Word 7

Teen Numbers

Today during our Maths lesson, KG spent time exploring the teen numbers.  We used an awesome resource called ‘Numicon’ as a base to count on from 10.  Once we had discovered a number, we placed the matching number card next to our creation and took a photo.  We will display the photos all over our classrooms.  One group was missing the number 13 card so they improvised and put the 10 and the 3 together as they figured out that 10 and 3 add together to make 13….what creative thinkers!

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After we had made lots of different numbers, Miss Grinsell asked us to use ‘ChatterPix’ to bring our numbers to life.  It was a fantastic way for us to practise explaining our ideas and things we have learnt.  Miss Grinsell is proud of us for giving it a go!


Our new favourite song

Hi everyone,

KG have been asking if their new favourite song could go on the blog.  They really want to show you how well they dance to it!

It’s called ‘Me without you’ and we have been singing it every morning to start our day.

We also enjoy the song ‘Every move I make’.  Both songs are a great way to get our bodies moving in between lessons!

Sphero – Draw and Drive

As everyone has probably already seen on the blog, KG love working with Sphero.  This term the school has bought some Speheros and we were so excited to have 4 of them in our room this afternoon.  We were in groups of 4 for developmental play which meant we got to work with our very own Sphero.  Today we used an app called ‘Draw and Drive’.  You draw a line or a shape on the iPad and then press play.  Sphero will roll around in the exact same way as you have drawn on the iPad.  We were working on using lines to draw Sphero away from us and then back to us again.  We had to figure out what types of lines to use to direct him back to us, especially when he got lost under the tables!  It is a great way for us to develop our computational thinking and is the very start of basic programming.  We love Sphero and had so much fun directing all four of them around our room today.

Check out the videos below to see us in action!

Sight Words

Today KG had so much fun playing the ‘Wheel of Knowledge’ for the first time.  We all got our chairs and brought them to the mat.  We then set ourselves up in 4 teams.  Each team would take turns spinning the wheel and reading sightwords.  It was very exciting!  Sometimes we would spin lots of points and other times we would loose all our points.  In the end, Team 3 won with over 6000 points!

After lunch, we spent time working on hearing the sounds in words.  Miss Grinsell put some pictures one the board and we wrote the words to match them on our whiteboard or iPads.  Miss Grinsell was shocked at how well we could hear ALL the sounds in the words!  She was very proud of us!