The Blue Umbrella

KG have been learning all about characters and why they are important in a story.  We know that characters are important because they keep the story moving forward.  Characters go on adventures and take us to interesting places, some real and some from the imagination.  We also know that characters have different emotions and they often make us feel different emotions too. We watched ‘The Blue Umbrella’ as a class and spotted all the interesting characters.  We felt lots of different emotions watching this story.  We hope you love it as much as we do!

Blue Umbrella – Short Film Pixar 2013 from nguyenhainam2601 on Vimeo.


Today we had our ANZAC Assembly.  Thanks for sending in all the beautiful flowers for our class posy.  Here is a photo of us and our lovely posy.


I have…Who has?

This week, Miss Grinsell has taught KG how to play a fun new game.  It’s called ‘I have…who has?’  It is a great way for us to practise our single sounds and concentration.  We all sit in a circle and get either 1 or 2 playing cards.  The game starts with the letter ‘a’ and continues on from there.  By the end everyone has had a turn reading their sound out loud and asking for the next one.  The video will make the game a little bit easier to understand.  We love playing it together and are already getting pretty fast!

It’s fun to play games as a whole class.



This afternoon, KG visited a high school music room.  Miss Grinsell played the drums for us and taught us the names of each drum in kit.  Miss Grinsell showed us some different beats and we had a great time dancing to them.  Some very slow and others were very fast!

Each of us had a turn playing the drums and making cool music with our friends.

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Richie has had a chance to play the drums at his church.  He enjoyed playing the drums for us and we were amazed at the awesome beats he could do!  Go Richie!
KG can’t wait to visit the music room again soon!

Parent Helpers

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Term 2!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  We have another fun and exciting term ahead of us!

Just a quick note about parents helpers…we will start all parent helpers back next week (week 2).  This week we will spend time settling back in to class routines and starting new units of work.

See you all very soon,

Miss Grinsell

Mufti Day

KG had a lot of fun today!  We had our very first school mufti day…we all looked fantastic.  We enjoyed wearing our mufti clothes.  Today was also Oneli’s birthday.  She brought in a pinata for us to celebrate with.  It was so much fun!  We all had a turn hitting the pinata and got to take some lollies home.

We also did our new favourite Zumba song on Go Noodle – ‘Turn up the Bass’.  Check out our awesome dancing…we are very cool.

Tomorrow morning there is an end of term assembly at 9am…parents are very welcome.  In the afternoon it is finally our turn for the Markets for Maphutseng.  We got to see some of the activities today and we are so excited to use our tokens.  Any tokens left over can be saved for another market day we will hold early next term.


Today, during developmental play, KG learnt to drive Sphero!  We used the iPad to control Sphero and drive him around the mat.  You control Sphero by tilting the iPad in the direction you’d like him to roll.  We loved it!  We put out a ramp and tried to drive Sphero over the ramp.  Next term we will start building obstacle courses and will have a go at driving Sphero through the course.  Working with Sphero is a great way to get us thinking and problem solving!


Today in KG we were looking at time, more specifically how much time different activities take to complete.  We talked about things that take a short amount of time and things that take longer amounts of time.  We played a really fun game with a partner figuring out which activity would take more time to finish.  Each person flipped over a card from the pile and had to complete the challenge listed.  For example, one partner might have to sing ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ while the other partner had to walk to the computer and back.  We would first predict which one would take the longest amount of time and then test it out.  We had so much fun!

Here are some photos of us playing the time game:


After Maths, we had a Go Noodle break.  We enjoyed doing one of our favourite Zumba routines!

One of our favourite songs on the site is Pop See Ko…you might have heard us singing it at home!  Here it is for you to enjoy.