Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!  KG hopes you have a wonderful long weekend with your friends and family.  We can’t wait to be back together again next Tuesday.

Today we made some hats to celebrate Easter.  We look so cute!

Here is a movie we watched with Miss Grinsell all about Jesus and the amazing sacrifice he made for us.


History Incursion and Go Noodle

In History, KG have been learning the skill of interviewing someone to find out their story.  We have also been sharing stories from our own past with our friends.  Today we had a special visitor from Blue Hills Retirement Village to share stories about their life with us.  Miss Audrey told us all about her time in Kindergarten and what she remembers about school.  We took turns asking lots of questions.  We loved spending time with Miss Audrey and she enjoyed spending time with us.  It was a special morning!



Last Friday, KG learnt a new song as part of ‘Bullying, no way!’ day.  We spent time dancing to it and thinking about what the song was telling us about how to be a good friend.  Check out some of the cool moves we came up with.

We used an app to help us explore how to be a kind friend and fill each others’ buckets.  It’s a free app that can be downloaded on apple or android products.  Below is a video of the app that can be watched through as a story.

We learnt a lot from Allen and his class.  We have used the story in our Daily 5 rotation ‘listen to reading’ as well and really enjoy it.


You might have heard us talking about Go Noodle or seen the sheet that came home today.  KG have been using Go Noodle in between lessons to get our bodies moving.  We LOVE Go Noodle!  As a class, we choose a ‘champ’ to work with.  Each time we do an activity the champ grows bigger.  So far we have worked through 2 champs and are onto our third.  The video below explains how it all works.  Our favourite things to do are dancing with Koo Koo Kangaroo, deep breathing in space to calm down and fun brain exercises with Mr Cat.

Go Noodle is free and anyone can sign up for an account! If it’s used in a home, each child can have their own account and own ‘champ’ to work with.



The 100 cup challenge

Yesterday, during developmental play, Miss Grinsell set us a challenge.  It involved 100 cups!  She wanted to see how tall we could build a tower using 100 cups.  We LOVED it!  Check out our awesome creations.  It was great to test out different designs and see which one was the strongest.  We also enjoyed seeing what happens when your tower falls over.

The 100 cup challenge is part of a series of STEM activities KG will complete over the year.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and the activities help us to problems solve, experiment, design as well as work as part of a team.

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We also had Matthew’s mum help us with a Lego challenge.  We had to use Lego to build a bridge.  We loved coming up with cool designs and testing our bridges with Lego people.  next week we will participate in another fun Lego challenge together.  Such a fun way to help us think creatively!

Here is a video of us singing our Good Morning song.  We love starting the day in such a happy way.

Here is the song if you want to try it out at home 🙂

KG have been busy!

KG have had a busy few days.  Last Friday, we went to the K-2 dance.  We had an awesome time dancing together!  It was lots of fun.

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Check out our cool dance moves.


Yesterday we had a great time ordering photos of ourselves.  We ordered our photos from when we were a baby, a toddler and a preschooler.  It was great to see everyone else’s photos and see how cute KG were as babies!  We used our imagination to turn our classroom into a museum.  We spent time walking around the museum and looking at everyone’s timelines.

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After lunch, we learnt how to use the Writing Centre.  Everyone has a letterbox and a name card on the writing centre wall.  When we finish our work, we can choose a friend to send a special message to.  We had a wonderful time filling up each other’s buckets with kind letters.  It was so exciting to check our letterbox at the end of the day!  The Writing Centre is also a fantastic way for KG to practise our writing.  We love it!

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In Science we have been investigating living things.  We know that living things need shelter to survive.  We tried an experiment to see if the size of the shelter is important.  Miss Grinsell gave each group some newspaper and asked us to see how many kids could fit on one piece.  It was so squishy!  We realised that living things need shelter with enough space to be comfortable.  After trying the newspaper we went and found a space on our own to spread out and lie down.  It was a lot better having space!  We feel very thankful that our homes have lots of space for us to spread out and live comfortably.

In Maths, we measured our feet using counters and then ordered our feet from smallest to largest.  Check out the video below to see our results.

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QR Codes

KG are trying some new and exciting in our Daily 5 sessions.  Miss Grinsell is teaching us how to use QR codes so that we can access lots of awesome things on the iPads.

Today, we scanned a QR code and watched a sight word video that Miss Grinsell made for us.  It is a fantastic way for us to learn with Miss Grinsell even when she is working with other students!  All we have to do is scan the code and follow her instructions on the video!  Miss Grinsell wants to make lots of videos for us to use during Word Work in the Daily 5.  Some will teach us new things, some will help us practise things we already know and others will ask us to do learning activities.

It was awesome!!

To try it at home:

  1. Use a QR code reader app on any device and hover it over the code below
  2. Once it reads the code, it should take you to the video ‘Sight Words’
  3. Enjoy learning and practising your sight words!


Here is an instructional video explaining how to use a QR code

Meet Blueberry Bob

KG would like to introduce the newest member of our class family…Blueberry Bob!

Blueberry Bob had his first day in KG yesterday and we tried to make him feel very welcome.

Blueberry Bob, Purple Shirla and Kenny Lemon all got a new home today…they now live in a really cool Krabooz shelter.  In the middle of the shelter there is a large tree for them to climb.  We found out that the crabs in the pet should would often climb the tree and hang upside like monkeys!  We can’t wait to see if our crabs will give it a try.

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We made posters

Today KG used the app ‘Pic Kids’ to make posters for our sounds of the week.  First, Miss Grinsell introduced the sounds ‘j,z and w’ to us.  Then we went hunting for them in our classroom and captured them with photographs.  We used the photos to make these awesome posters.  We hope you like them!  They were lots of fun to make.  It was so exciting to spot our letters of the week hiding in interesting places in our classroom.

KG also managed the fill the class bucket AGAIN and have earned another hermit crab!  He arrived today.  We named him Blueberry Bob!  Stay tuned…photos are on their way 🙂
A parent in KG has expressed interest in sharing the school pick up and drop off.  She lives very close to the school.  If you think you might be interested, please ask me for details.

Crab Races

Today KG set up a racecourse for our crabs.  It was exciting to cheer for them as they raced in the lanes we made with pencils.

IMG_9496 IMG_9497In the videos you can hear us cheering them on “Go Kenny Lemon!” “Go Purple Shirla!”

While they raced we observed how small they are.  We spent time thinking about how much energy the crabs use compared to us.  We decided that we do a lot more moving than the crabs and definitely use a lot more energy.  They spend most of their day in a small home and we spend lots of time moving around large areas.

We drew pictures of everything we ate today and compared it to what the crabs ate today.  We figured out that they need A LOT less food than us because they don’t use the same amount of energy that we do.  It was really interesting!

As a class, we did some Google research about what other pets eat.  We looked up dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits and birds.

It’s so cool to observe our crabs and learn from them!

Our first green screen creations

KG used some time in developmental play to practise using the green screen.  We use an app called TouchCast and a green sheet of material.  When the app is open, we can have any image or video appear behind us in place of the green screen.  Yesterday Miss Grinsell just wanted us to get used to being in front of the green screen.  We picked a photo and some costumes and used the time to try different acting ideas.  The iPad is set up on a stand so no one needs to hold the iPad while we are filming.

We will eventually use the green screen across lots of subjects to share our knowledge and ideas with others.

We hope you enjoy our very first creations!