Hi everyone,

I have a subscription to a website that allows me to make folders of games that you can access without a username or password.  I have added some great games that link to what we have been learning in English and Maths.  I will change the games on a regular basis to make sure they stay relevant.

Folder 1: Number activities – counting and sorting groups of objects

Folder 2: Phonics games – first sounds in words and blending activities

Folder 3: Stories to enjoy and listen to

Clicking on the picture below will take you to the folders.


We will be using some the games in our classroom during the week also.

Enjoy! 🙂

Miss Grinsell

P.S KG wanted to share some of their favourite phonics songs with everyone
Here are the songs for P, K and O – O is particularly popular!


How to read a book

KG have been looking at books and how to read them.  We thought it would be a great idea if we could share everything we’ve learnt with others.  Today, we planned and filmed an instructional video that we thought the Prep kids might enjoy.  We hope it teaches them some important things about reading books the right way.

We hope everyone watching at home enjoys it too.  We love reading!


During our phonics groups this morning, we had lots of fun using our sounds of the week (h,u,b,c,l).  With the help of a wonderful Mum, we rotated through 5 stations.

We played ‘roll a sound’ and used whiteboard to write the sounds we rolled.

Miss Grinsell was helping us blend sounds together to make real words.  She is so proud of how well we can hear sounds in words and write them down!

We worked with Mrs Dredge to figure out the first sound in words.  We used bears to cover the pictures that started with the sound on each sheet.

We played an awesome phonics game on the iPad called ‘Sky Fish Phonics’.  It is a fun way to practise sounds and words.

Outside, we played ‘jump!’  We had an fantastic time jumping to each of the letters written on the ground and saying the sound they make.

During Maths, we played lots of different number games.  We are getting really good at matching numbers to groups of objects!

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The Daily 5

This week, KG started the Daily 5.  We have been learning about it for a few weeks and have finally began using all 5 activities in one go.  Over the space of 50 minutes, we rotate through 5 stations.  Each station is designed to help us improve our reading, writing and independence.

The stations are:

  1. Read to yourself
  2. Work on Writing
  3. Read to a Partner
  4. Word Work
  5. Listen to Reading

While we are moving through the stations, Miss Grinsell takes kids out and works with them on their reading.  We LOVE the daily 5!  Miss Grinsell filmed us today so everyone could see how well we can concentrate.



Zoo Day

On Friday, KG had a wonderful day!  We spent lots of time learning together as a class family.  In the morning, we became detectives and went searching in books for ‘words’ and ‘letters’.  We recorded the words we found on one side of a whiteboard and the letters we found on the other.  We were so excited to spot so many interesting words and letters in books.  Ella even found her own name in a book!


After lunch, we turned our classroom into a zoo!  We spent some time ‘training’ our animals to do cool tricks and put on a ‘zoo show’.  We loved watching everyone perform with their animals!  We then took our animals for a play in the kindy triangle.  It was an awesome afternoon!



Working with the sounds of the week

KG had a wonderful morning with some of our very special parent helpers.  We rotated through 5 different activities, all using our sounds of the week (f,r,d,o,g).  We used whiteboards to practise writing the sounds and using them to make words.

The second station was snow fishing.  There was a basket filled with pretend snow and we used magnets to pull letters out and place them on a sound strip.  It was lots of fun!

The third station was called ‘hide the bear’.  One person wore a blind fold and the other one had to hide a bear under one of the sound cups.  To make guesses you had to say the sound on the cup before lifting it up.

The next station was ‘bang!’  Each person takes a turn of picking a sound out of the bucket.  You need to say the sound you pick out to the rest of the group.  If you pull out the ‘bang!’ card you need to put all your cards back!  We love playing ‘bang!’

The last activity was an app on the iPads which asks us to match sounds with pictures.

We love spending time learning and having fun together!

After lunch, we spent time using the iPads to do some research.  We used Google Images to find pictures of different types of pets people have as party of our Science unit.  We loved looking at all the cute pets and noticing how they are similar and different.

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While we were working, Miss Grinsell took a panoramic photo of our room.  We think it shows how fantastic we are at concentrating, learning and working together!

IMG_8923 IMG_8922

We have been making great choices in KG, as a reward we are going to have a zoo day!  Tomorrow everyone will bring an animal toy to school and we will turn our classroom into a zoo!

It’s going to be another awesome day together!


We love to read

In KG we love reading!  We have been working so hard on learning to read in many different ways and Miss Grinsell is very proud of us.

First, we learnt how to read with a partner.  We call it EEKK reading (Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee).  When we read with a partner we take turns listening to each other read the words or the pictures and ask questions about what we heard.  It is so fun to read with all our friends!

Then we worked on reading by ourselves.  We use special whisper phones while we read so we can listen to ourselves and hear what our reading sounds like.  Both of these types of reading will be part of our reading structure that we will do everyday, starting next week.  It is called the Daily 5.

Today we spent some time working with our sounds of the week.  We can already put the sounds together to write words!  We get so excited when we sound out the words and write them on our DVD case whiteboards!  Learning new things is so exciting.

Yesterday was a VERY exciting day because we met our class pets for the first time.  They are hermit crabs – one boy and one girl.  As a class we came up with the names ‘Kenny Lemon’ and ‘Purple Shirla’.  We love our crabs and have tried to make them feel very welcome in our classroom.  We used Lego to build them a cool playground.  It was funny to see them climbing on the equipment we built!  Using the Lego was great for the crab playground and also perfect for working on making our fingers nice and strong.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  We can’t wait for another fun week of learning together next week!

We filled the bucket!

We did it!  Today KG filled the bucket!  We have been working really hard over the past two weeks to  fill each others ‘invisible buckets’ with kind words and actions.  Today we filled up the class bucket which means tomorrow…we will meet our very own class pet!  We can’t WAIT to see what type of pet will be in our room in the morning!!


Miss Grinsell is so proud of us everyday.  We are very kind, helpful and happy at school.

This week we have been learning the sounds a,t,s,m,i.  Here are some songs that helps us remember them.  We love their cool beats.

Meet Sphero

This afternoon during developmental play, KG met Sphero for the first time.  Sphero is a robotic ball that is controlled by Miss Grinsell’s iPad.  Sphero can play games, roll around, do tricks and be programmed by us.  This year we will use Sphero for learning in many different ways.  Today we used Sphero to practise colour recognition and concentration skills with the game ‘Colour Grab’.  Miss Grinsell’s iPad told us a colour and we had to grab Sphero when he became that colour.  We had a lot of fun!  We can’t wait to use Sphero again!  We love it when he helps us learn.

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Today we also continued to work on learning new sounds and reading new words.  We did some activities to practise our sounds of the week and also make our fingers strong.

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KG have been learning about the 3 ways to read a book.  Yesterday we worked on reading the pictures.  Today we had a go at reading the words.  We love reading!

Thanks to all the parents who have seen in offers of help in the classroom.  All help (apart from Sport) will begin in Week 4.  I will send out a roster at the end of the week.  We look forward to having you join us over the coming weeks 🙂


We met our buddies!


This week we had a wonderful time using ‘Chatterpix’ on the iPads.  It is a free app that allows you to photograph any object and then add a mouth and a voice to it.  We have been making our drink bottles, pencil tins and chairs come to life!  They had some funny things to say.  Here are some photos of us enjoying the app with a friend.

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Today we met our Year 6 buddies for the first time.  They will look after us in the playground for the next few weeks.  We think they are awesome!

I’ve attached the Talking Time topics in case you’ve misplaced the note.

Speaking Time Topics Term 1
1-2 Introduction to Talking Time
3 Children talk about somewhere special that they have been.
4 Children talk about something they’re enjoying about school.
5 Children tell the class about their buddy.
6 Children share healthy lunchbox foods with the class.
7 Children share information about their pet (or Friend’s Pet)
8 Children share their needs and wants (2 only) with the class.
9 Children describe the ‘senses’ used when eating.
10 Children talk about their favourite activity with their buddy
11 Free Choice


Talking Time starts next week with the topic listed for Week 3.

We’ve had a fun day!

KG have had another wonderful day together today!  We love learning and having lots of fun.

Miss Grinsell has some awesome rhyming stories that she reads us.  As she reads we listen and follow the special instructions.  At the end of the story we end up with a cool super hero drawn on our whiteboards!  So far we have drawn ‘star man’ and ‘lightning girl’.  We love listening out for all the rhyming words as we draw!

After that, we spent some time doing activities that help make our fingers strong.  We learnt that we need strong fingers to be able to write, draw and colour neatly.

We love working in groups with our friends!

We LOVE to sing together!  We asked Miss Grinsell to share 2 more of our favourite songs with everyone on the blog so we could enjoy them at home.

The first one is all about numbers.  We get so excited to see the enormous numbers at the end.

The second song is very funny.  We listen to it when we eat our crunch and sip.  We hope you enjoy it too!