Writing This Week

KC have been learning this week all about what it means to share stories. We learnt that authors write books so that they can share a story with others. Sometimes their ideas for stories come from real life and sometimes they are made up.

Today some of the children in KC made a ‘retelling necklace’ based on the story ‘The Bear’s Lunch’ by P. Allen. The children had to think about what happened in the beginning of the story, in the middle of the story and at the end of the story. They made a retelling necklace, so that they could ‘share’this story with you at home.

I hope you enjoy hearing the story from them this afternoon!

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Slipper Day!

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Thursday 4th August) is our SLIPPER DAY!

Please send your child to school in their normal school shoes, bringing their slippers in their bags. We will only wear them inside the classroom.

Please also remember a gold coin donation for World Vision. Thank you!


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National Tree Planting Day

Today is the National School Tree Planting Day. Children all over Australia are planting a tree today- and KC planted a tree today too! We talked about why trees are important and how we can care for trees. After planting a tree with our school Gardener, Mr Ben, the children wrote the steps they needed to do to plant a tree.

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Welcome to term 3!

What a fabulous start to Term 3! The children in KC have begun this term with beautiful manners, hard work and kindness to each other. It was wonderful to see all their smiling faces on Monday morning, and see how excited they were to see their friends.

This week in Mathematics we are learning about whole number and I am so excited to see how much they have grown in their understanding of numbers. We did 5 activities this morning to practice our skills in whole number. 1) The children pegged socks onto a washing line, with numbers 1-30 on them. They had to work together to make sure they were in the right order. 2) The children went fishing for magnetic numbers, and created 2 digit numbers. They then found those numbers on their hundreds charts. 3) The children played a game of bingo- where they had to find the number AFTER the number rolled on the dice. 4) The children practiced their knowledge of numbers written as words, by putting candles on a birthday cake. 5) The children made numbers using numicon shapes, found the correct number card and then took a photo of their work on the iPads. What fantastic work this morning!

This afternoon, in Visual Arts, we learnt all about the famous artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We looked closely at his artwork, ‘Squares With Concentric Circles’ and talked about the colours and shapes he used.

It is National Tree Day on Friday, at schools all over Australia. KC will be planting a seedling here at school on that day. I decided to create a Kandinsky Concentric Circle TREE for Visual Arts today. Here are the children, working on their artworks.


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This morning I spoke with the children in KC about how proud I was of them for their incredible work throughout term 2. I hope you enjoyed reading their reports and seeing how much they have learnt in kindergarten so far! They have earned a well deserved holiday- I really hope you enjoy your 3 weeks away from school, and that you can all spend some lovely family time together.

As most of you have heard- I am expecting our second child in October. My aim is to finish up with teaching at the end of term 3- we will see how the timing all works. I am so very excited about this precious blessing that is on its way- and I am so looking forward to the holiday break.

God bless you, families of KC- I look forward to seeing again on Monday 25th July.

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Science results

It was an absolute joy to watch the children in KC use their knowledge of how things move to complete their Science investigations. Yesterday, they tested their ramps and cars and we measured how far each car went using a streamer.

Here are the ramps and the results.

IMG_0239 IMG_0234 IMG_0238 IMG_0237 IMG_0235 IMG_0233 IMG_0232

Here we are measuring how far our cars went.


Well done to the team that designed the ramp that let their car go the furtherest. We decided that the ramp that won had a few characteristics that helped the car travel so far- it was smooth and it was slippery.

Well done KC on an excellent Science investigation!

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Science Investigation

This term, in Science, we have been learning about things that move. KC have learnt all about forces and how our bodies move. On Friday, I set the children a challenge. They had to design a ramp to make a toy car go as far as possible. They were also able to modify the car to make it heavier if they chose.


It was so wonderful to see the children’s brains working and designing. We will have the competition┬ásometime┬áthis week and I am looking forward to seeing what the children come up with.

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The Queen’s Birthday

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra long weekend! At the moment in History, we are learning all about celebrations and the different ways our families celebrate different celebrations. Today in History, we learnt a little bit about The Queen’s 90th Birthday celebration and watched some videos of her celebrations. The children then made a crown and scepter.

We talked about what we would do if we were the king or queen- have a look at some of the responses from the children in KC.

I would make everyone happy- Nathan

Everybody would cook for me and taste the yummiest food- Charlise

I would make everybody come to my castle- Yasmine

I would tell everyone to play- Andrew

I would make everyone surprised and tell them to come to my castle- Julian

I would ask all the servants to give me their food and all the people in England would come to me- Nissi

I would ask everyone to do the right thing- Zac

I would give everyone flowers- Sanjay

I would let everyone come to my castle and let everyone have food- Shay

I would tell all the people to do the right thing- Sonali

I would tell everyone that they have to be happy- Kayla

I would put all the baddies in jail- Gether

I would tell all the people to do what I ask- Rafael

I would tell everyone to have a big day off- Richard

IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0691 IMG_0693 IMG_0694


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3D Object Museum

This week in Mathematics, we are learning all about 3D objects.

There are four main objects that we focus on in Kindergarten. They are:









We are going to make a #D Object museum in our classroom over the next week. The students of KC need to go on a 3D object hunt in their houses- if they find something that belongs to one of these categories, they can bring it into school (if that is okay with you) and we can add it to our museum.

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Kindergarten Body Show

Last week we had some special visitors to Kindergarten! Mr McMullen, the Principal of the school, and Mr White, a High School Science teacher came to teach Kindergarten all about how our bodies move.

In Science this term, our topic is ‘On The Move’. We began by learning all about how our bodies move and now we are looking at how different things in our world move. This week, we looked at toys and discovered that they move in lots of different ways.

Mr McMullen and Mr White taught us that our bodies have a skeleton which gives us shape and holds our bodies up- otherwise we would be like a beanbag. We also learnt that muscles are attached to our bones, so we can move them.

Thank you Mr McMullen and Mr White- we loved the Body Show!

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