Olympics Sports Carnival- Thursday

Hi KC parents,

I just wanted to remind you about our Olympics Sports Carnival on Thursday 25th August (this week). Even if it is raining, we will still be going ahead. You are more than welcome to come and watch the fun! It will begin after the bell in the morning and finish at 12:30 pm.

Your child has been allocated a country- they need to wear their sports shorts/tracksuit pants and school hat, but a coloured shirt (from the country they have been put into).

If you have forgotten the colour, please refer to the list below! We are looking forward to a great day together!

Julian Brazil
Rafael Canada
Daniel China
Nathan Germany
Byron Germany
Jennifer Great Britain
Richard Canada
Sanjay Mexico
Gether New Zealand
Nissi Great Britain
Maya South Africa
Vincent China
Shay Brazil
Charlise Sweden
Zachariah Mexico
Sonali USA
Andrew New Zealand
Yasmine South Africa
Isebella Sweden
Kayla USA

The shirts they need to wear are:

Canada, China, USA, Germany Red
Kenya, Mexico, South Africa , Brazil Green
Sweden, Greece, New Zealand, Great Britain Blue
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