Suggested Applications

The applications below are suggestions to assist individuals in the use of devices in an educational context.

This page will be updated as more suggestions are available.


Use the email client on your device to access your school email to simplify the process of communication. The email program you use should be able to access email from an exchange server. For instructions in setting up WCCS email on your device see the how to guides under the Electronic Devices menu above.


Use the calendar app in your device to remind yourself of due dates, homework tasks and upcoming events for your school life. If the app allows it you could even consider creating a school calendar.

Google Drive and Classroom

WCCS email addresses are also Google Apps enabled accounts. If you install the apps for Google drive and Google Classroom  (Android / iOS) you are able to use your school email address and password to sign in. Once signed in you can then use these apps to submit, modify and view files.

eBook Reader

WCCS subscribes to the wheelers eplatform for ebooks. To download and read ebooks on your device we recommend the Wheelers ePlatform app. There is a guide to getting the ePlatform app to borrow ebooks from wheelers here. Once you have the app choose our school from the list available and then sign in using SSO with your school username and password.

Cloud Storage

Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud are examples of services that allow you to store files from your device in the cloud. This will enable you to easily move files between your device, the WCCS network and your home computers. We recommend that you do not use the cloud storage for any files which may contain sensitive or private information.

Password manager

An application like mSecure or Lastpass will allow you to create and secure passwords across multiple devices.

Note taking

For quick note taking Google Drive/Keep or Evernote are good options. They allow for quick notes, sketches and recordings which can then also be viewed and edited in a web browser. Tablets and phones are not recommended for extended document editing.

Other Useful Apps

Bible by

CIA World Fact Book (Various apps available)

Google Earth

School A to Z by DEC

Word Web English Dictionary

Security Software

Despite the best precautions, no computing device can be guaranteed to remain free from virus. When connecting your electronic device to a network you should protect your data and device by installing security software.