Add Edumate calendar feed to your iOS device

You can subscribe to a number of calendar feeds in Edumate which allow you to receive the school global calendar, or a personal calendar on your iOS device.

School Calendar:

Personal Calendar:

*Note, for the personal calendar you will need to change the username to your actual username, e.g.

Open this blog page on your iOS device using Safari, and copy one of the URLs above by long-pressing on the URL text, selecting it, and choosing copy.

Open the settings application.

Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

Choose “Add Account…”

Select the account type “Other”

Choose “Add Subscribed Calendar”

Long-press in the Server field and choose paste, to enter the URL you copied earlier.

Enter your registered email address in Edumate as the user name and your network password in the appropriate fields. The description field can be ignored for now, it will automatically update later.

Press “Next”, you should see the description field update to say William Carey Christian School.

Press “Save”.