Connect to your WCCS email account

To use your device to check and send from your WCCS email account you will need to configure your device to connect to our exchange server.

Our mail server settings are below:


Domain\username: \domain\username
replace username with your school network username

Use Secure Connection(SSL): yes

Accept SSL Certificates: yes

With Android devices you can use the built in Email application to check your school exchange account.
The first time you start the email application you will be prompted to configure your account. The screenshots below show the process.

1. Start the Email app

2. Enter your Email Address and Password

3. Select Exchange as the Account Type

4. Enter the server settings for your account as above. Enter your username and password.

5a. Read and Accept Permissions

Android will want to confirm permissions

6. Select which options you would like to sync with your device. Most users will just want email messages to sync, not contacts or calendar events.

7. Enter a Name for your School Email Account