Find your MAC address

In order to have your device enabled on the WCCS network you first will need to find the MAC address of your device and submit it to be activated on our network. After finding your MAC address using the guide below you can submit it by visiting the page http://wccs/byod/list.asp while logged in at school.

To find the MAC address on an Android device ensure Wifi is turned on (NB: Wifi will need to be enabled for the MAC address to be visible)

Open your settings and then scroll to the bottom of the first screen.

Select “About Device”

Android About

From the “About Device” screen choose “Status”

The MAC address can be found on the Status screen under the heading “Wi-Fi MAC address”.

The MAC address (blurred in the screenshot above) is made up of 12 Hex characters. The characters are normally arranged in 6 pairs separated by a colon eg a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:f6

After finding and recording your MAC address visit the page http://wccs/byod/list.asp whilst logged in at school to submit it.